Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just happy…happy…happy….my presentation for OSHA Act succeed! Pewit..peeweeiit..eventhough I was really ting-tong with too many then, I just did it! Lega…Alhamdulillah…

Excitedly I wanna share something..may be some will think that …what so kepoh… what so big deal with this matter…but for me..I felt sooo happy..because my RM lecturer totally aware about my presence at class yesterday..hehehehe… that mean..he conscious about my presence..tak sia2 la aku jadik minah kepoh dalam kelas tuh..hehehehe…actually in the middle of the class I went out for one important and emergency matter…bukan mengular ye..ada hal sangat2 penting..about 10-15 minutes..when I come back to the class, one of my colleague told that lecturer asked where did I go then bila tau aku takde dalam kelas terus bagi rehat 20 minit..wah…ternyata berhasil kekepohan ku pada hari itew sehingga lect boleh perasan aku tade..wah..sangat bangga ok…or may be because of previous class I had argued with him because of my presentation of problem statement? ..atau adakah sbb suka suki keluar masuk kelas? hehehe takpela…for me it is sooo meaningful least..I happy sbb lecturer tau I ada ke takde dalam kelas itu…heh..heh..bukankah itu seronok??

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