Wednesday, December 31, 2008

so long 2008..

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out of tune..

this entry 2: ayoyoyo...

I realize ear do not function as well before...nowadays.. no more Good Charlotte, no All America Reject, no MCR, no Fort Minor, no Evanescence, no PCD and

I cant believe I am turn to ABBA, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, Duprees,Beatles, Everly Brothers n so I turn to emo now..more graceful..Bluweek..huhuhuhu...anyway, thanks to my Daddy Cool cause he have the same interest too...Abes stor die aku selongkar cari oldies koleksi ..ngeh3..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

moments to remember :)

Well as i promise some CiBEC pics..

This is the activities that we did..

Poetry competition time...~~ the be stronger, or faster man..hahaha

Burmese Pool n hot here..pheww!!

Family day...act we r the then what to to..second runner up pun jadi la...hohohoho..sakit tekak dowll jerit2..

Ambush the Taiping Lake Garden..

The drama competition..well..burmese, pool n speechless..ngeEEee..

rehearsal day....gugup mak..nyah!

Graduation night? heheheh..dah grad sudeyy...

n some picts again!! hahahaha...

huhuhuhu...tanx for the memories..guys, you rocks!! dangduts n zapin too...hahahah....thats all...

diversification of beauty

huhuhu..I wanna share something with you all..It has been almost 6 month i`m leaving my lovely shintok..(huhuhu..miss my tm college n fpau) n that mean i never see all my friends, colleagues, blockmates, roomates..n bla..bla..n so on. I already miss them n hope they feel the same too..heheheh..anyway, last week I went to penang, attended my relatives wedding (which i did`nt really know them much~ you know..daddy cool really mind about family matters).

What a nice day! on dat wed, I met my classmate there.. n you know what, her brother actually is the bridegroom on that! now we r family..huhuhu..big suprises huh??..and then..the prob begin..

Me: So, u look nice today my Monet..
Her: Thanks..I never thought that my brother will...bla..n bla...bla again..
Me: Heheheh..that what we call fate..we never-....
Her: Eh.. You look more plump ek?..hohoho..
Me: Er...hehhehe..well..heheheh..

What?? me? P.L.U.M.P? huh? thats can? huhuhhuhu..


Well..admit it dear..accept it as it righteousness..Now you plump..with double chin..moon face..n near to obesity....OMG I am fat now......huhhuhhuu( takot mak..nyah.)She is not the one who state it..almost everyone right? Huuhuhuhu...sedih bangat ne...n How about her??

n her too?boleh pulak menang Jumbo Queen..

oR This is we call Beauty??? now.. you tell me..

N I DO really dont think so..huhuhuhu...For last n foremost..let me be myself..maybe i will control my self from any seduction of fast foods or what ever meals and doing an exercises( if i have the strenght :P gulp!) huhuhuhu.....anyway, beauty is subjective..remember! it is subjective...yeaaahhh...subjective..

no idea for this entry..lalalalalalala....

Saturday, December 27, 2008



dis is my 1st time achievement..manage to add vid at my page..huhuhu..very excited neh..giv BIG APPLAUSE to my mate Ir Syah ( bodek neh, nnti senang nak mintak tolong lagi :) )..huhuhhhu.....well i dedicate this song to my beloved D`s...n very2 sure they will tergedik2 if they r listen to dis my Delicious D`s..let shake n sway urself!! Pheeeeewwwiit!!

Song Lyrics

let shing the shong..

Song Lyrics

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Y.E.S.T.E.R.D.A.Y come and go..


I`m back!!CiBEC Cohort 8... never gonna forget for my entire life..hehehe..especially my D`s colleagues n my six siblings housemates...v r so close n now i`m already miss them so much..n of course my great facilitators, esp. Mdm Malini n Mr Ho Chee Eng...Both r really good n all my respect for them..

in the first week, life became so bored..its just like a foundation classes. The only one dat make me interested is Mr Ho Class..even sumtimes i felt sleepy :P actually, he really hav good personality..n so professional, especially when he wrote something at the board...( my D classmate will understand so...hahahaah).. n of course my Sweet Mdm M classes..hahahah..

For the half period of the programme..i felt so nervous..i realized that all participants were awesome in every aspect dat we all should do..huhuhu..until now i dont think dat i did well as they this time, My D`s Colleagues became more close..v eat together..hanging out..lepaking..n etc all far as my another group colleagues said that v became so "social" hahaha..n they also did`nt expect that im soooo easy going just i did dat time..hahahaha..LOL..anyway, dun asking me y? n what happened.. no comment about it then..i would like to say that, all D`s rocks!! LOL..

N day by in MMC became SYOKK eh? hahahaha...i started enjoying myself there..n got enthusiastic every day....(poyo dowl ayat neh!!)

n for this whole month,try to use an opportunity there to get along wif my "sweet coconut". By then, its never work..hahaha...i dunno y..may b v need more time to spent..err..if v could? do v?...hahahaha.. i dunno...

anyway...this is pic of D`s..feel free? so check it out.. i will post another story of my journey in CiBEC..actually, wanna add some vid, by then dunno...sorry still new comer..futhermore, i dun hav flv converter..n if somebody know..please gimme a favour, i really do appreciate it!!..tanx!!