Thursday, January 29, 2009



at last the Niyang Rapik end last night !! Phewww...But still thinking that, the director should change the way Tok Dalik death.. the scene must be so horrible and more banditry..ermm..such as..the same scary scene of Nang Nak..baru ada umphhh!!hahahah. by the way, that drama better than Pontianak yang sangat sundal di malam hari kan??

So, tell me about the horrible things or what ever it is..can make you feel damn afraid of!!

for me........


such this

huhuhuhu...saya adalah penakot okeh...

ok..ok..I admit that I am super cowardice...

this sort of demon only make me feel 40%-50% scared only..

But the most scared thing is...That can`t bearable it anymore...

is the thing that mummy ferry brought yesterday and put it beside my room..

oh still wrapped..


That thing keep calling and teasing me,

"come hurly-burly-promulgate...come to me dear..I won`t hurt you..hahhaha"


The horrid thing! calling again!!

did you hear that??

May be I should shut down the lap top now!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

poyoronous symptoms detect!

well..after peeping my blogger colleague---> umie page yesterday,

I do really think that she got magic hand in her kitchen..


I am not defeatist type..

yeah! of course...

if she can easily..

without any difficulty..

dealing with...


I also can do..



I am..




Is that the best thing that you can do???

er...same je ayam ngan telur ayam kan??



tunjuk ajar ku sipoo..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

still standing..

remember this awesome band?

here they release new 2009 stuff..

so excited even it is remix :)

mr. moron oh moronnye dikau..

Since I was ten, people keep asking me this bullshit quest..

- Best tak jadi anak tunggal?

- Tak bosan ke lepak rumah sensorang?

- Anak manja memang mcm tu kan?( In case kalo derang tak puas hati )

Or any statement like this

- Anak mak sorangkan..buat ape pun tak pe la..

- Hurly-burly-promulgate, ko senang la..sume dapat..kiteorang lain la!

This quest n statement make me sick ok..Y?Because..

How can I Know it is better to be single child than having siblings..since I never have it once ?

How can I know if it is so bored to be alone at home since I`m used to it?

What wrong to be anak mak ? so..u all ne sume bukan anak mak korang ke? An adopted? Or..

Anything wrong if my parent provided my utility n my what? Jealous? Pooo00dah!!

Even my primary teacher, madame S did it too.. at Science Lab..we learned about doing experiment on bean sprouts.. there were two part of them..Container A and B. The bean sprouts are more in A, so that its became so skinny n weak.. the other B only few sprouts in its became more plump and fresh..of course la kan..every one know that..and the most unforgettable statement that she said was..

“ See ..the B seem more better than A because it had enough source of life such water, light and manure. Just like hurly-burly-promulgate. She is the only child in her that she got more convenient in her life n became plump too if we compare towards other..hehehe”

Then she laugh at do all the class..huh! I have to say WTF..Okeh.. Do not compare my life with bean sprouts okeh?..and at that time.. Im not so plump okeh..kalo skang nak ckp tak pe la..dulu sangat slim tau tak?huhuhu..

May be you will say that I am too childish or too poyorounus, but believe me if you are in my shoes you will know. Its hard to be single child especially if you are female..well you know..a typical minded..our community..or most human being in the world would say that having son is better than daughter..they believe.. only son will able to contribute their length of heir..again..WTF! what sperm can do without ovum?? That why we should learn about sciences..dont make any fool statement that will show up your percentage of moron. I HATE people like this..Sadly, my parent sometimes have to face this typical-stupidity-minded peoples. .n my parent too cool..yeaahh

and one day..I met one of this type person, mr dad colleague..I dunno him much..he is policeman with 3 son..He is so annoyed and irritatate me much…here the conversation between my daddy cool n the mr. moron..

mr. Moron: eh.. anak hang sorang ja eh..pompuan pulak tu! Buat apa skrang? Da kawen?sebaya anak aku yang nombor dua tu kan..

Daddy cool: Haah, dia la sorang..baru habeh blajaq…blom kawen

Mr Moron: Sian hang no, sampai kesudah tak dapat yang jantan..orang..kalo jantan ne boleh la jadi penyambung kita..hahahahha

Daddy cool: Nak buat lagu mana..dapat dia pun jadi la..

Mr moron: hahahah..nasib hang la..hahahah

When I heard the conversation..became so pity with my daddy cool.. I wish to be a male if I could do it..what to do..on that moment..i feel its better for me to slap that old moron.then, my daddy cool keep asking the mr moron.

Daddy cool: Tu la, nasib anak aku betina, dengaq kata anak hang nombor tiga tu pun dok turut abang-abang dia mengulang belajaq kat sekolah tunas harapan kat tepeng tu?

Mr moron: ermm..

Kah3! That was good enough daddy cool.. did u know what the h*** of that sekolah tunas harapan, itu adalah sekolah budak jahat as the same as intitut pemulihan akhlak okeh..huh!!..tak sedar diri punya moron..anyway..i am happy to repeat moron is a policeman who has THREE SON..yeah..three SON..marvellous dad!

And I am so grateful to be a daughter of my mummy fery n daddy cool!


Monday, January 26, 2009

ToNg-T0nG t0 cHEng..

Happy Chinese New year..

To all my colleagues may this Ox year will bring you Luck, Happiness n much prosperity overcome..2009 its Ox year..mesti banyak ong maa..

To my Leng Chai, Mr Kim..Laling..where were you? I already misssh your Duckcula faces..hunny-bunny dont ever forget my Ang Pau eh..

Friday, January 23, 2009

day by day

Yesterday, I watched Point of View at NTV7. This is the good programme, new talk show I guess . Discussing about all top issue happen in Malaysia or in the global scale .. Yesterday, they discussed about How to boycott the Dutch..and the guest of this programme is our former PM, Tun Mahathir..Although, he look little bit weary..but the idea was good enough as Troy warrior.. He talked about the strategy to obstruct the cruelty of Israel by doing this measure.. As he done before, the campaign of Buy British Last did well..So why not? Lets do it again Tun M..

p/s: Out box thinker…His Brilliant Brain…I wish I can have the same too..

Don’t mess with your thing!!

Alhamdulillah, after 23 years..opss almost sweet 17th I`m given 99.9% a healthy life( the other 0.01% = bemam, jatuh tangga, luka2 etc L). Anyway, we can predict it as blossom as everyday..2-3 weeks ago, my family was surprised, my cousin in-law.. she suffer from a serious kidneys problem…euuwww….pity her so much.. I don’t know much what its all about( poor me! For my tiny knowledge) here about the information..

(Got this article from:

Bagaimana buah pinggang bekerja?

Setiap buah pinggang mengandungi lebih sejuta struktur berbentuk bola kecil dinamakan glomeruli. Glomeruli terletak di cortex atau bahagian luar buah pinggang. Fungsinya ialah menapis cecair mengandungi glukos, asid amino, garam dan bahan kotoran daripada darah. Selain membersihkan darah, buah pinggang mengawal kandungan air dan garam yang terdapat di dalamnya.

Sistem buah pinggang yang sihat tidak mengandungi organisme mikro tan air kencing yang melaluinya telah dengan sendirinya disteril. Bagaimanapun, sistem ini boleh mendapat jangkitan jika bakteria di luar tubuh memasuki urethra dan sampai ke pundi-pundi kencing. Bakteria ini boleh merebak dan mungkin berjangkit pada buah pinggang, menyebabkan keradangan yang dinamakan pyelonephritis. Ini biasanya berlaku apabila aliran biasa air kencing tersekat. Bakteria terus membiak di dalam air kencing yang terkumpul.

Dialisis buah pinggang

Jika buah pinggang rosak teruk dan tidak boleh berfungsi walaupun mengikuti diet khusus, dialisis diperlukan, sama ada terus-menerus atau sehingga penderma buah pinggang ditemui.

Satu buah pinggang boleh berfungsi untuk dua tetapi jika kedua-duanya tidak lagi berfungsi, seseorang memerlukan pemindahan buah pinggang atau cara lain untuk menapis darah. Teknologi perubatan mencipta proses dinamakan dialisis yang menapis darah melalui mesin buah pinggang tiruan apabila kedua-dua buah pmggang tidak boleh berfungsi lagi. Pesakit yang mendapat rawatan dialisis dapat meneruskan hidup tetapi aktiviti hidup mereka semakin terbatas. Rawatan ini mahal, memerlukan banyak masa terluang dan tidak semua pesakit boleh menerimanya. Masalah sering dihadapi ialah anaemia teruk dan pengambilan cecair berlebihan harus disekat.

Pemindahan buah pinggang

Secara teori, pemindahan buah pinggang nampak begitu mudah dengan mengeluarkan buah pinggang lama dan menggantikan dengan yang baru dan pesakit dapat menikmati kehidupan normal. Namun jika tubuh pesakit tidak dapat menerima buah pinggang baru, masalah akan timbul. Ini diatasi dengan mencari pesakit dan penderma yang mempunyai kaitan dan ubat diperlukan untuk mengurangkan tindakan balas yang dihadapi tubuh penerima.

Buah pinggang gagal berfungsi

Buah pinggang gagal berfungsi apabila ia rosak teruk oleh penyakit kronik dan tidak lagi boleh menapis bahan tidak diperlukan. Buah pinggang termasuk dalam kumpulan 'organ utama' (seperti jantung, otak dan paru-paru).

Buah pinggang boleh rosak kerana beberapa penyakit. Antaranya ialah - :

1. Keturunan
2. Jangkitan
3. Kerosakan disebabkan penyakit seperti darah tinggi
4. Diabetes mellitus
5. Rosak kerana terlalu banyak mengambil ubat atau beberapa sebab yang tidak diketahui.

Kegagalan buah pinggang kronik

Apabila seseorang menghidap penyakit buah pinggang yang kronik, ia akan sakit teruk selama beberapa bulan dan mengalami anaemia. Buah pinggang terus mengeluarkan air kencing namun gagal mengeluarkan bahan kotoran atau menyerap bahan yang berguna. Kegagalan buah pinggang kronik disebabkan beberapa penyakit seperti jangkitan kronik, diabetes atau pengambilan dadah berlebihan.

Tanda-tanda kronik

Pesakit biasanya lemah, sering demam, sering kencing lebih-lebih lagi waktu malam. Jika dibiarkan tanpa rawatan, pesakit akan kehilangan berat badan, luka, gatal-gatal dan sedu. Kulit nampak kekuningan dan garisgaris warna coklat dilihat di kuku tangan.


Puncanya mesti dikenal pasti dan dirawat. Batu karang boleh dikeluarkan melalui pembedahan dan jangkitan kuman dirawat dengan ubat-ubatan. Jika kedua-duanya gagal, pesakit diberikan pemakanan tinggi karbohidrat dan rendah protein. Dialisis atau pemindahan buah pinggang diperlukan jika pesakti bertambah teruk.

Adakah pesakit bergantung pada mesin dialisis sepanjang hayatnya?

Rawatan dialisis diberikan selama tiga hingga empat jam tiga kali seminggu. Selain waktu tersebut, pesakit bebas aktif seperti orang lain.

Adakah pesakit yang menerima dialisis boleh bekerja?

Dengan rawatan dialisis, pesakit buah pinggang dapat hidup secara normal. Mereka boleh bekerja asalkan tidak melakukan kerja-kerja berat seperti kerja buruh. Pesakit ini juga patut meneruskan persekolahan dan boleh mengambil bahagian dalam sukan atau aktiviti rekreasi.

Apakah kesan dialisis ke atas kehidupan pesakit?

Kegagalan fungsi buah pinggang tidak bermakna berakhirnya kehidupan. Pesakit perlu mengikuti pemakanan khusus dan mengambil ubat-ubatan yang membantu dalam rawatan.

Adakah kegagalan buah pinggang jarang berlaku?

Setiap tahun kira-kira 1,890 orang dikesan menghidap penyakit buah pinggang dan akan mati tanpa rawatan yang betul. Kebanyakan pesakit berusia antara 15 hingga 55 tahun. Setiap tahun jumlah pesakit yang menerima rawatan penyakit buah pinggang semakin bertambah.

So guys, beware..I strongly believe, that she will recover soon..InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After a month.. last Monday bring my vitality back.. at least I know what to do next.. better than lay down like a dullard ..may be in the same time, I can make serious efforts to peep any better chance to embark my stage of career..I hope!!

Yeah..the interview last Monday, it quite ok I guess..I got the job..But need to be a trainer for 5 week.. If I do well, the position is mine..if not..I will be kick out! Sadis bukan..sampai ati mereka itu..huhuhu..

So.. I am not really 100% happy la.. a lot of preparation needs to go..depend on my performance..So.. my status as jobseeker still to be hold until the best bid..

As a fresh, this is an opportunity for me to glut myself in the new world..How to deal with people.. improving my skills, leadership or what so ever .. Its all about survival the fittest..Nowadays, too many extraordinary people = brilliant+ good looking+ well personality +smart+ experienced + skilful ..huh!!Its killing me okeh!!! I big reality of life..its hard be “dewasa”. Do I have an alternative? may be ada mana2 anak raja ke..tan seri2 ke..datuk2 ke..pengiran2 ke yang nak taja budak study lagi or nak jadikan aku bini ke? You are extremely welcome!! Hahaha..

Anyway, a big acknowledgement to

My lovely..

Mak Ndakku..

my dearest sis n bro

Kak An

Abang Man,

Kak Wan,

Abang Zul,

Kak Seph,


All the cute Dotes

For all assist, surveillance, pleasant and all the precious moments.. Thanks a lot for everything n layan all my gedikness.. Only ALLAH can repay the reprisal all of the kindness..I love you all…NgeeEee…

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

delirium mode





Anyway wish me luck..Interview session arriving soon..this Monday!

Bukit I come..Gulp!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

spinning world..

Now, let break the ice with the most hot issue in malaysia.. almost people talking about scandal between abby-norman-memey. May be i`m too late to talk then, I prefer and keenly to wait until those three person express something about this haprak love affairs

This afternoon I watch Wanita Hari Ini (Eeeuuwww me? WHI? ..Hey..y not people change rite? Hahaha). I guess every Malaysian excited waiting for today episode : Hot Confession from Memey (who lately renowned as plunderer ). Looking her so confident answered every question although ambushed by press reporters, wrathful callers and everybody..make me think twice.. Formerly, I contend this young lady is bitch, mad and useless ..Today,I got positive perceptions of her… for me she so outstanding..she got strength rite… coz everybody now looking her as a trouble maker a.ka. B***h rite?ye lah..pandai buat pandai tanggung..

So, as my effeminacy hormone blast out..her action make me mad too.. How can she having affairs with another people husband..Like WHI caller said, with her pretty face and good package she can manage to get any of single and more good looking guys than Norman. What so attraction about this Norman? Does he so smart? Marvelous ? Do he? really ..hahaha..well,bukan sebelum ne pon die ade buat hal yang sama ke?.. for me as a young lady as her..better for search anyone who still bachelor ( should be better if get pure virgin-bachelor..we must! ). It is compulsory to her to think what Inspektor Aleza sentiment…cause and effect of every action that she wise and more alive….Im getting emo now… then, Poor Inspektor Aleza! Now, every step that done cannot be fix anymore! Demerit for you girl!

Please be fair… the most troublesome maker is Norman..remember? For the first time we can called it overlook..but having it in twice..that is not overlook..that we call overlustful with no brain..his wifey preggie sempat lagi he is the most unwanted male in Malaysia..okeh..

Well , this real-dramatic story also have it own benevolence too… Its show that Malaysian sooo concern about everybody(Lucky her.. Abby is well-known as clean reputation actress- everybody care and love about hers). This issue can make people to be a unity to attack Memey..can we use the same method to handle Israel-palestine issue?

Secondy, it has already upgrade the level of entertainment scandal in Malaysia..I felt this scandal just like Jolie-Pitt-Aniston case..uuuuoohh..Malaywood seh..

Next..this is really good example to young lady out there..(include me) no flirt with old pervert! You have to pay all rubbish that you done!huhuhu..takotnyerrr…

Next.. All male out there..beware..nowadays women more strong and cannot easily for you to depress them..

Lastly, everybody do wrong…and not perfect too…so forgiveness the most necessary and the best medicine..

N for you Memey..

until you reach this age! LOL!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This song is B.I.N.G.O. I like So much..their voices harmonize perfectly!

By the way, I think Mraz should definitely be wearing a hat but this vid def not his style at all..

Jason Mraz Lyrics
Lucky Lyrics

Friday, January 9, 2009

melancholy..woe...lamentation.. for a while..

This morning, received sms from one of my friends..
"Coca cola, Huggies, River Island, Mc D,Clinique, Disney, Donna Karan, Starbucks, GAP, Garnier,Perrier, Kotex, Sanex, Jo Malone, Lancome,Libbys, Loreal, Marks&Spencer, Kleenex, Maybelline, Nestle, Vittel, Revlon and Wonderbra-That a list of brands found out to donate money to Israel Army. We need to stop Buying from them in order to cripple the Israel Economy. Its may seem like a small thing to do but its a start. Please pass on to show muslim unity"

So how? Tepuk dada tanya selera...(",)v

By looking world situation right now.. I am so worried..everywhere people buzy doing this crazy things..war..war..war..again and again..poor to the innocent peoples, aged peoples, womens n kids but what am I going to do..I just hoping that someday people will realize that peacefulness is better to every human being..Amin..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

greeny grinch..

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

er...who r u? I am green lantern..huhuhu..sape tu?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yesterday, the most sluggish evening.. mummy fery and I watched a talk programme.. ala-ala Martha Stewart programme lah ne..this activity done with a container of Kepok Gote (Pronounce it carefully okeh..) That KepOk Ghote from Ganu really fantastic...yummy! thanks to my dear Uncle...ngeh3..nak lagi boleh??

So, it is funny evening I guess..

Story 1:

The Talk programme was handle by a singer( sekarang da tak berape laku..since she sang cik ponti song kot..peoplegot scared.) and the guest..try to guess the guest..he is a singer too.. a entrepreneur...a Ph.D holder (as call as Dr. lah)...

hahaha..Yes! Yes! Yes! Its him..You guys brilliant!!..hahahah...anyway..people keep saying that his P.hD is fake..some said that he buy it..n make me is true?..yeah..let me see how his performances in speech today..

So, Eton (miss emcee) play her part..asked Dol(the guest) the latest activity that he did..n he told her, now he buzy-dizzy with his next album...and the new song called Hujan..what is interesting is..he complaint that, Hujan song is his favourite song..sacrifised himself deal with fake rain from 8 a.m to 7 a.m just to do the video clips...huh! sape suruh? lantak kaula...ade sape2 yang kisah? and...

Eton: Wow...lama tu Dr Dol main dengan air hujan untuk Video Klip Hujan ne..Dr. Dol tak menghadapi apa-apa masalah kesihatan ke? hampir 24 jam tu..

Dr Dol: Alhamdulillah..masalah kesihatan tu takde rase nye..setakat ne saya memang tak menghadapi masalah kesihatan..Yelah sepanjang pengambaran video tu saya sihat..cuma menghadapi selsema sahaja..kiranya video itu berjayalah dengan komitmen saya..

What???what the h*ll he talking about..Hello bro...ko selsema tu..sakit la weh..oo..masalah kesihatan tu tak sama maksud dengan sakit ke? Now.. I curious bout his Ph.D..Stupid answer!!looser bagak..

Mummy Fery n I bantai gelak n of cos la v all tukar channel lain..hahaha

Story 2:

After hentam gelak kat The Stupid Dr.Dol..we continued our bites of kepok Gote..we watched REMAJA .Eventhough mummy Fery not so remaja..huhuhu..she rocks babe! just watched my favourite programme time muda-muda dolu... after all...the emcee advertised facebook of this programme...and..

me: fuiyooo...remaja ada facebook siot...da lame tak jadik remaja..tato pon gue..
mummy fery: Facebook tu hape? (Sian mummy Fery...facebook pon tato)
me: Ala....Facebook tu cam friendster lar...
mummy Fery: Friendster tu hape plak? (Sian lagi mummy Fery..Friendster pon tato)
me: Ala..Friendster tu cam Facebook la..
mummy Fery: Hoi!..hampeh nye budak! ape jenis jawapan la..jenis Dr. Dol...
me: oo..ek? er..

Suddenly...Kah..kah..kah..kah...what stupid answer..ngeh3..aku da rase nak senak perot da neh...sorry la mummy Fery buat you sentap..but, dunno how to describe la..heheheh..kah..kah..kah.. gelak lagi..hik..hik..ampun ye mummy fery! that we called KARMA? what you get it? ataupon..petang yang sangat sengal?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 murmur...


This is the 1st entry for 2009...yeeehhhaa!!

Common Quest-->Ape azam baru???

So, What is A.Z.A.M? is that Mr Azam that I know? is he Pokcik Guard kilang tayar ? Or it is branding for hot stuff?? Biskut cap AZAM...ngeh3..

I also don`t know on how to define i concern, a lot of people talking bout that in the beginning of the year..but it will slip away in the middle n end of that year..after that..this topic whirl back again...Many many many times ago when I`m todler.. I did it too..wishing and aiming something every new year, hoping that I will achieve it one day on that year..but when December came, I already forget what my AZAM last January..huhuhu...Poor...losing my memory bout a result.. I have no intention to stow my AZAM again ..




......................................this year.....................................

I want to be more eyeball should more bling-bling during this year..everything is $$$ remember? hehehehe... n now let me introduce you my new hot, sexy and eligible bf...


hehehehe....semoga kami bahagia...ever after...heheheh...