Friday, November 21, 2008



dis is my agenda for a poor+ broken english...(sape suh biol base omputeh..kan da kene g bende2 cenggini)..


aku g setelah dipaksa mama fery..walaupon dah diberi pelbagai alasan...direject2 abes2-an..sob...sob..sob..

anyway..take care guys..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hambek ko..

Diz evening, my Daddy cool n I fetched mummy fery from her office..then v go to tesco to buy some utility...n of coz la rongeng-rongeng sket…afterwards, my tummy begging me to buy waffle from Leomag since I miss my lunch. Being responsible to my tummy, I asked my parents to wait me at the Leomag if they done wif the da pharmacy matterzzz..

I queue up waitin for my turn n booking my yummy sexy chocolate peanut waffle, there hav 3 customers waitin on dat time.. my tut-tut asked for a pee..then I told the Leomag girl dat I need to go to ladies. While having chat wif dat girl, suddenly came one abnormal girl wif weird outfit..( just like an red Indian tribe wears). I think dat she little bit older than me..burukkan..

After settledown my needs ..i go back to thr kiosk n claim my hot waffle..then I find myself dat there r new Leomag girl.Ahhh..sudah.. The other girl dat I deal be4 has disappear. Then I saw the abnormal girl tgh bergatal-gatalan wif her bf which is from Neptune-look-alike..

waahh no wonder la sorang cam red Indian n sorang lagi mcm alien…its ok la not my bizness kan..but the issue here, the new Leomag gurl gav my sexy chocolate peanut waffle to dat freaky couple…huh!!n of coz la I bengang kan…I wait for a looongg time then the couple easily get it??? Wahlauweyyyyy..banyak ko punye chantek?sementelah da red Indian alredy noe dat I yang order dulukan??then I asked da Leomag gurl..

Me: excuse me kakak..its supposed to be mine lah..cos saya yg oder dulu..dgn akak yang sebelum ne..

Leomag gurl: Opss..sorry.. sbb kiteorang da tuka shift saya tato ..boleh tunggu jap tak..maaf ye dik.

Ok maaf diterima sbb dia tato…Suddenly, belum sempat I jawab the the Bullshit couple sound tepet je kat i..

Red Indian girl: Sayang,1st come 1st serve la..

Neptune: Aah ..Kak Long..nasib la kak…sape cepat die punye..sape suh kak long g merewang…kan babe…

Then he look his Red Indian gurl..both sengih2 kat I mengejek…Fakyeww..wahhh..what on earth are u both from??Babe? sayang? Muke masing2 cam bulldozer…cheh!! selamber badak ko jer nak laukkan aku..snatch my waffle n try to bullying me..huh..wut da hell r u talking about…n 0ne more..when did I married ur abang long? Pggl haku kak long???ape dah lame idup ke??sorila beb..aku tak mtk balik waffle tu pun kira baik n then..

Me: Ko ne apeha….aa..

Aiyoooo..baru nak bermaki-makian..i heard mummy fery called me..hav a side-look of her..lebey kurang 2 meter dari tmpt kejadian…aiseymennnn..potong stim tullah mummy fery ne..baru nak tunjuk kelebihan berpublic speaking..huh..takkan depan mummy fery nak buat perangai? Nak mampos..kang aku yang kene I pretend to be cool..tahan saba je la..then both of faking couple sengih2..mocking me n try to pissed me out wif da ugly n idiot faces…huh..imaginekan dat day, I hang out alone or wif my fwens…huh!! Mati bagak la korang berdua..takpe..remembered both faces…watch out u two dummies..

After wards, my daddy cool asked us for diner. v ate nasi ayam at SM Restaurant … da nasi ayam so vaaassst lah…after finished, when mummy fery n I heading to our daddy cool met his fwenss.. n the havin a little chat…biasa lah kalo da jupe member, smbg tak hengat donia lah..v wait my daddy cool outside da car..suddenly I saw sumone fell down to da drain..its happen in front of us..i felt sorry for dat guy..


i felt sumthin wrong sumwhere..the guy n his fwens look familiar..yes!...yes! I noe them by looking their dress..yes! yes! I do really noe them…Guess what??? Da poor guy is da Neptune boy..besides him, of cos la the Red Indian Girl..tgh kecoh2..her boy jatuh longkang..eeeuuuwww…dats bad.. I saw his torned jeans n da bleeding knee..his eyes looking me n mummy fery for sympathy kot..or may b malu sbb kantoi …sbb tadi cakap besar sangat..huhuhuhu..hengat haku nak tolong ke bai?? Pegi bunuh diri je la..Sorry beb!! Even if I really ur Kak long pon tadak ku hengen nak tolong sendol cam ko..berambuss..foot loose looser….then v went home.. n I havin my deep sleep….hahaha..jahatkan???

Moral story:

Jgn potong queue orang n tahan kencing if u r in da line

Jgn balas org bt kite…skang sape bt jahat ada balasan CASH

Jgn pikir diri bagus sgt…nak ngate org konon…

Jgn berfesyen bodo cam dat couple..nanti kalau kantoi sng cam

Jgn panggil orang kak long kalo die bukan sedare u or tak kawen dgn abg long u

p/s: sume gambo2 adela sekdr hiasan ye..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



a few days eyes utterly tired out...n got dark circle on it..i`ve got ting-tong brain..dizzy-giddy feeling ..n i was extremely weary and also insensibility too...Aiyoooo..whats wrong hah? may be it is all bout guidance n advice for me to be more pious muslim??because da day dat i die nearly come?am i fatalist person?am i ready for the next world? then..sorry if i always been wrong to all of u...sob...sob...sob..

huhuhuhu...ape lah yang dimerepek-kerepek ne...anyway..diz is for new entry today...i just finished my bad lunacy-DVD MARATHON-hehehe...4 hari 3 malam tertonggok depan tv tak buat hape2 dah selain makan-tido-mandi-solat...n of course la this activities keep mama ferry feel annoyed toward me..while my daddy, cool jew die..hehehe..dats y la better to be " anak abah" matter what..who cares??. Anyway..dis is dvd dat i watched:

Bad love or also noe as Cruel love is truely enjoyable, catchy n strongly attractive to watch for people who loves Korean muvee( plus = who is jobless like me..Opppsss..terlepas sudaaa)..n also the smart actors of course...the eminent heroes is Kwan Sang Woo. People who watches STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN may noe him..he is sooo then in dis seems dat he quite more matured n doesn`t matter..i love him n the way he act...reallly "kiopta"..the second heroes is Kim Sung Soo( i dun really noe him, by then he is cute too but ok-ok je la if compare to my honey Sang Woo). The eminent heroine is Lee Yo Won( the actress from bored muvee- Surgeon Bong Dal Hee-by then she ok-ok je la..) . I think da story just like stairways to heaven la..but not really sad as stairways..but to slow if v compare to the other K-Drama. By the way...i giv 7 stars out of 10..huhuhuhu...(da rasa cam pengkritik reallity tv lak :P)

p/s: dis entry for my Johorian ym-pal-->princess_icesyah (mak tak bersalah, nyah!!) if she read la haha..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

DePRiVatioN... back...

dis morning, i went to claim my new MY CARD..huhuhhu...i`ve lost it when doing my practical last so careless :P u noe dat there r different penalty if u hav lost it..for the 1st time, the payment of penalty is RM 100, da fine will increase 100 more for 2nd time n more 100 for da 3rd time...dis is my 2nd time lost it..Luckily, there are exception for student...may be rebate..(they all noe dat v dun hav much money kot...) i hav to pay Rm 50 then..what a waste..However, da loss not ended just like dat..i have to pay for replacing my matrik card, atm card, licence..bla..bla..bla...huhuhuhu...what a waste..dis is v call.. Price should be pay when u r negligent a.k.a careless a.k.a senile...u loss ur $ n u hav to bridle ur ear if someone nag about it...hahahahaha....what so unlucky huh???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sad..sick..hurt...injured..n broken EYESSsSs..



To da person who did it...

Sekian terima kasih..

Monday, November 10, 2008


as i told u b4, da next entry is all bout my experience towards intebiu...(tetibe rase sempot2 napas)..uhuk..uhuk..uhukkk

what company is it? let me keep it as a syuhhhh..kalo tak dapat kang..tade la malu sangat..but if i dapat, baru la boleh sembang kencang..hehehe. As tipical candidates, i dgn perasaan bersemangat n deflagrate, bt persiapan yang rapi..i think dari a to z bout dat company i memorize it, tapi tak la sampai name guard pun i ingat...i tot my preparation was good enough...( i tot dat dat b4 went to dat interview)....jeng3...n da day dat i hav been waitin pon datang la...

did u noe dat im the last candidates? they told me to get ready @ 4.30 then, @ 5.30pm baru session i bermula...walauweeiiiiiii...its take too long to wait wif nervous, fearful, jittery and palpitate dying alone dat heart beat so breathe pon sempot2..luckily, at the waiting room tu jusy me..alone..maklumlah last person..kalo idak..malu mak, nyah!!

n when my turn, i go wif the flow...try pretend to be cool..they hav three a, mr b n mr. c..the two of them are GM n the other one..dunno who is he..according to tips dat i read, i shud smile as rainbow along the period of i pon ape lagi..asyik senyum siap b who is in the middle ask me to told bout my self..fuiyooo..if u wanna noe, suara mr. b mcm Y0vie n Nuno...heheheh...then i dgn penuh confident pon temberang la ape2 yang patut...after i finished my speak abou my self..suddenly mr. a ask me like dis..

mr. a : well quite good, but is dis ur 1st time intebiu?? n .. u look nervous..

ME: this is my 1 st time...may sound a little bit tremble..sorry sir..

mr. a : not feel like dat...v r not human eater...

ME: i try sir...sorry sir..

Aduyaiiii..lagi mau tanya ke??memang la mak nervous nyah!!.. muka i time tu i bajet mmg blur+sengal2 n suare pon cam katak je.. imagine dat..there r 3 people dat u dunno them much..what their thinking of u? da 1st impression of u...n bla..blaa..bla...n of coz la the environment...sangat2 corporate... aiyooooo..what i can describe of 3 mr is..

Mr. a: too much asking nvery formal n then he is good interviewer..( takut la macamni..)

Mr. b: Quite old, very nice, gentleman n always asking bout sumthing u tak akan duga soalan tu boleh timbul dalam intebiu...i`ll bet he like to ask spontaneous..( amat takot la macamni..)

Mr c.: He looks sleepy..may b da penat kot...tak banyak cakap..but beware wif this guy becoz he looking my body languange n eye contact n how i interpret all the answers ( waa...sangat-sangat takut la dgn org macam ni)

the questionzzzzzzz...

It is ordinary Quest...u can search by urself thru intenet, mags or books..but the important quest is the spontaneous Quest la...V dunno what they will ask...i guess, may be they want to noe our level of gabra n panic n how v settledown according to our answer la..

Well, dat intebiu ended bout 6.04 pm..fuhhh..lega..( hehehe.. i tau cos i set masa masuk)...i went home wif a liitle perasaan hampa..its not working..becos it not really happen as i want..n u know what?in fact, they all langsung tak nak tanye pengetahuan i fasal kompeni derang..huh!! penat hafal...

dats all bout my 1st intebiu....may luck wif me..i really wanna be part of dat company...huhuhu..

Sunday, November 9, 2008 is da great day? Y?

becoz im free from the most notty dotes..actually it almost a week went to k.l...fill up invitation for an interview..then, play my part to be responsibilities being super-duper maklong to b a babysitter a.ka. maid n sumone also call it bibik for a week ("o)..n u guys shud noe dat...i telah diperlakukan dengan kejam oleh all da dotes...huhuhuhu..but its ok.. nasib baik the dotes really cute..n my cousin pun bz..i play my role to enjoy my freedom n relaxing myself, today i hav cook this for my lunch ..YUMMY SPAGHETTI according to my style.

For dis yummy dishes..i do some renovation..i dun like too much taste of tomatoes.. i do put some prego source..hbq source..but put more chilies paste n thai paste, fresh meats n of cos fermagio dat, it didnt taste too sour or creamy 100%...hahaha..n da results..200% of satisfied..little dotess..tengok saje la ye..mak long never wanna share wif u all...haahaha(gelak jahat ne)

well..i dunno what happen wif my interview session but its really "wall-lah" n "cuckoo"...well for da next entry i will share it..make me nervous lah when thinking bout dat..

well, after a week in urban area, it make me think twice about our youngster..when i accompany my cousin to bangsar at nite..phewww.. i kat malaysia ke kat mane neh..hehehe..well maju tu memang la besh..v r da same level wif other negara maju ...but in other site aspect, our youngster morale..our principles, our nation bla..bla..bla.....huhuhuhu.. i dunno..may b sum of u will think dat im too "kepohchee" or not open minded but will u think twice..Our future di dalam tangan generasi muda sekrang..kalo the youngsters spoil..n what will happen to our motherland?? for me...we must think n come back to da root..where we come from?? sedarlah diri...if u r malaysian..u will be forever as malaysian even tukar kewarnegaraan..u still malaysian...PROUD to be MALAYSIAN.. furthermore, jadi maju takpe..asal tahu had dan batasan...yang baik jadikan panduan dan yang buruk2 tu jgn ikut...MODEN DENGAN CARA SENDIRI..dats y la perlukan people yang expert tentang hal2 yang berkaitan PENGURUSAN PEMBANGUNAN..Oppsss..terlebey sudah sampai promote course la plak..hehehehe..for all dat i hav said ne...datang dari naluri dan pendapat i as a CONCERN CITIZEN ( chewahhhhh...jgn marah!!)

Anyway...its all bout now today.. see u soon! (",)v

Saturday, November 8, 2008

JoBLeSsNeSS Is DreAdFuL..

wassup there??

hehehe..nowadays, im so free n eager to write...benda baru kan...macam dah tak minat dengan space..or sumthing else like dat anymore...may b sebab da ke? may b insomnia symptom, i wanna share wif all u out there..being a fresh graduate..(not really fresh cos finished my internship je...hopefully dis mac 09 receiving my sexy scroll, InsyaALLAH) b honest, im not reall
y smart student..but i woke up when failure came to my life about 5 or six years just a black dot in my life (im so regret it), if i got time machine, i would like to emendation all thing dat hav been wrong...ape yg i fail..tak yah la diceritakan....hehehe..let me keep it by myself..

After all, i try to manage myself become better person, better hard, dealling wif bookssssss, stress wif examssssss n dizzy wif tasksss n assignmentssss.. I THINK life is better now.. (if i compare wif 5-6 ago.. Thanks to my extraordinary energy which is from the one an only GOD ALLAH s.w.t, my mom n dad, family, teachers, lecturers, frenzz..bla..bla..Syukur Alhamdulillah wif all sources energy...I hav been SURVIVE at all..Thanks sangat2 dan Syukur...

Normally, everyone yang takde mental illness will hope dat, after graduation, life change at all.. i think dat my whole entire life there r 2 destination after ended my study ..the first thing dat i love to do dat parent told to do so..( u can say dat i anak manja..anak mak..anak abah..or what bullshit it is..) to be sincere, i think dat what they think is the best for me.. actually, they want me to further study je hehehe..Second tenor is working..even so i`m eager to work..seeing that many frenss now success wif their they?.. i dunno, but in physical appearence..they look gadget every month..cehh!!....(mobile im so envy wif all this..huh!!..i pun nak jugak...but after thinking..n thinking..n thinkin again n again..what mom n dad told me is reality n ada kebenaran..tak nafikan..there r tooooo many degree graduates wif all sorts of courses, skills n not telling dat i pandang rendah..cos i pon same gak baru degree je..but we deal about persaingan.."survival of fittest" i will survive in da new world??CAREER WORLD??...for experience n improving my skill..YES! i`ll agree..but do i will get my dream post?dream job??..well... i dunno...n u can say that.. i am lack of confident..hehehe..may be.. but i got data untuk penganggur tau... untuk tahun 2007 ada 385.5 ribu yang menganggur...separuh tahun pertama 2008 ada 390.4 ribu...ini untuk penganggur grad atau yg biase la..kalo u all tak caye..sila lah semak perangkaan unjuran malaysia( find ur self..internet kan ada). huhuhu....fearful rite?? what to that...every one must have their own fight n be the best among da best ..grabb any opportunity...hehehe...pandai nasihat..act, nasihat tu sume untuk diri sendiri yg seringkali lalai dan lupa..

n da most yang menakutkan ialah MR.PTPTN...Aiyoooo... i ada debt dgn mr ne tau tak??its a loooot tau...if i can seduce him to make it less.. i will..hehehe..tapi nak bt cane...takde chance nak praktikkan art of seductive.. u noe..women weapon..hehehe...( mesti korang kate..poyolah makcik neh!) scary to think dat debt..masa meminjam n mengguna rase cam besh..nak bayar tu...hehehe biase la..but forsure la if i hav work n good salary..i will pay it exactly in time...InsyaALLAH.. i think people who is in my shoes will u? hehehe..i think lah..kalo dah born in silver fork tu..what can i say??syukurlah korang..

well..dats all for cakap-cakap malam today...i pun already sleepy...huarggghhh...nantot la..take care n gud nite for me m_(",)v

Friday, November 7, 2008

mobilisasi kehidupan..


this is my 1st time to hav a blog..hahahaha..may b sbb lately, life become bored..dunno what to do.. jobless, cluless,senceless n allowanceless :)..think dat da besh way to keep it out is by having diz hurly-burly-promulgate..

dis blog is all bout not complicated person..i think dat its all bout experience, my emo, cter hari2, gosip2 n, akan menyentuh mengikut pandangan diri sendiri.. :) .

Since i newcomer, alot things yang i, please support me..n y da name is dat so??..well..dats all bout me..if u really noe me..then u will agree...

thanx for viewing..