Tuesday, November 18, 2008



a few days ago..my eyes utterly tired out...n got dark circle on it..i`ve got ting-tong brain..dizzy-giddy feeling ..n i was extremely weary and also insensibility too...Aiyoooo..whats wrong hah? may be it is all bout guidance n advice for me to be more pious muslim??because da day dat i die nearly come?am i fatalist person?am i ready for the next world? then..sorry if i always been wrong to all of u...sob...sob...sob..

huhuhuhu...ape lah yang dimerepek-kerepek ne...anyway..diz is for new entry today...i just finished my bad lunacy-DVD MARATHON-hehehe...4 hari 3 malam tertonggok depan tv tak buat hape2 dah selain makan-tido-mandi-solat...n of course la this activities keep mama ferry feel annoyed toward me..while my daddy, cool jew die..hehehe..dats y la better to be " anak abah"..keh3...no matter what..who cares??. Anyway..dis is dvd dat i watched:

Bad love or also noe as Cruel love is truely enjoyable, catchy n strongly attractive to watch for people who loves Korean muvee( plus = who is jobless like me..Opppsss..terlepas sudaaa)..n also the smart actors of course...the eminent heroes is Kwan Sang Woo. People who watches STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN may noe him..he is sooo cute...by then in dis muvee..it seems dat he quite more matured n old..it doesn`t matter..i love him n the way he act...reallly "kiopta"..the second heroes is Kim Sung Soo( i dun really noe him, by then he is cute too but ok-ok je la if compare to my honey Sang Woo). The eminent heroine is Lee Yo Won( the actress from bored muvee- Surgeon Bong Dal Hee-by then she ok-ok je la..) . I think da story just like stairways to heaven la..but not really sad as stairways..but to slow if v compare to the other K-Drama. By the way...i giv 7 stars out of 10..huhuhuhu...(da rasa cam pengkritik reallity tv lak :P)

p/s: dis entry for my Johorian ym-pal-->princess_icesyah (mak tak bersalah, nyah!!) if she read la haha..

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