Saturday, November 8, 2008

JoBLeSsNeSS Is DreAdFuL..

wassup there??

hehehe..nowadays, im so free n eager to write...benda baru kan...macam dah tak minat dengan space..or sumthing else like dat anymore...may b sebab da ke? may b insomnia symptom, i wanna share wif all u out there..being a fresh graduate..(not really fresh cos finished my internship je...hopefully dis mac 09 receiving my sexy scroll, InsyaALLAH) b honest, im not reall
y smart student..but i woke up when failure came to my life about 5 or six years just a black dot in my life (im so regret it), if i got time machine, i would like to emendation all thing dat hav been wrong...ape yg i fail..tak yah la diceritakan....hehehe..let me keep it by myself..

After all, i try to manage myself become better person, better hard, dealling wif bookssssss, stress wif examssssss n dizzy wif tasksss n assignmentssss.. I THINK life is better now.. (if i compare wif 5-6 ago.. Thanks to my extraordinary energy which is from the one an only GOD ALLAH s.w.t, my mom n dad, family, teachers, lecturers, frenzz..bla..bla..Syukur Alhamdulillah wif all sources energy...I hav been SURVIVE at all..Thanks sangat2 dan Syukur...

Normally, everyone yang takde mental illness will hope dat, after graduation, life change at all.. i think dat my whole entire life there r 2 destination after ended my study ..the first thing dat i love to do dat parent told to do so..( u can say dat i anak manja..anak mak..anak abah..or what bullshit it is..) to be sincere, i think dat what they think is the best for me.. actually, they want me to further study je hehehe..Second tenor is working..even so i`m eager to work..seeing that many frenss now success wif their they?.. i dunno, but in physical appearence..they look gadget every month..cehh!!....(mobile im so envy wif all this..huh!!..i pun nak jugak...but after thinking..n thinking..n thinkin again n again..what mom n dad told me is reality n ada kebenaran..tak nafikan..there r tooooo many degree graduates wif all sorts of courses, skills n not telling dat i pandang rendah..cos i pon same gak baru degree je..but we deal about persaingan.."survival of fittest" i will survive in da new world??CAREER WORLD??...for experience n improving my skill..YES! i`ll agree..but do i will get my dream post?dream job??..well... i dunno...n u can say that.. i am lack of confident..hehehe..may be.. but i got data untuk penganggur tau... untuk tahun 2007 ada 385.5 ribu yang menganggur...separuh tahun pertama 2008 ada 390.4 ribu...ini untuk penganggur grad atau yg biase la..kalo u all tak caye..sila lah semak perangkaan unjuran malaysia( find ur self..internet kan ada). huhuhu....fearful rite?? what to that...every one must have their own fight n be the best among da best ..grabb any opportunity...hehehe...pandai nasihat..act, nasihat tu sume untuk diri sendiri yg seringkali lalai dan lupa..

n da most yang menakutkan ialah MR.PTPTN...Aiyoooo... i ada debt dgn mr ne tau tak??its a loooot tau...if i can seduce him to make it less.. i will..hehehe..tapi nak bt cane...takde chance nak praktikkan art of seductive.. u noe..women weapon..hehehe...( mesti korang kate..poyolah makcik neh!) scary to think dat debt..masa meminjam n mengguna rase cam besh..nak bayar tu...hehehe biase la..but forsure la if i hav work n good salary..i will pay it exactly in time...InsyaALLAH.. i think people who is in my shoes will u? hehehe..i think lah..kalo dah born in silver fork tu..what can i say??syukurlah korang..

well..dats all for cakap-cakap malam today...i pun already sleepy...huarggghhh...nantot la..take care n gud nite for me m_(",)v

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