Friday, November 7, 2008

mobilisasi kehidupan..


this is my 1st time to hav a blog..hahahaha..may b sbb lately, life become bored..dunno what to do.. jobless, cluless,senceless n allowanceless :)..think dat da besh way to keep it out is by having diz hurly-burly-promulgate..

dis blog is all bout not complicated person..i think dat its all bout experience, my emo, cter hari2, gosip2 n, akan menyentuh mengikut pandangan diri sendiri.. :) .

Since i newcomer, alot things yang i, please support me..n y da name is dat so??..well..dats all bout me..if u really noe me..then u will agree...

thanx for viewing..

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