Monday, November 10, 2008


as i told u b4, da next entry is all bout my experience towards intebiu...(tetibe rase sempot2 napas)..uhuk..uhuk..uhukkk

what company is it? let me keep it as a syuhhhh..kalo tak dapat kang..tade la malu sangat..but if i dapat, baru la boleh sembang kencang..hehehe. As tipical candidates, i dgn perasaan bersemangat n deflagrate, bt persiapan yang rapi..i think dari a to z bout dat company i memorize it, tapi tak la sampai name guard pun i ingat...i tot my preparation was good enough...( i tot dat dat b4 went to dat interview)....jeng3...n da day dat i hav been waitin pon datang la...

did u noe dat im the last candidates? they told me to get ready @ 4.30 then, @ 5.30pm baru session i bermula...walauweeiiiiiii...its take too long to wait wif nervous, fearful, jittery and palpitate dying alone dat heart beat so breathe pon sempot2..luckily, at the waiting room tu jusy me..alone..maklumlah last person..kalo idak..malu mak, nyah!!

n when my turn, i go wif the flow...try pretend to be cool..they hav three a, mr b n mr. c..the two of them are GM n the other one..dunno who is he..according to tips dat i read, i shud smile as rainbow along the period of i pon ape lagi..asyik senyum siap b who is in the middle ask me to told bout my self..fuiyooo..if u wanna noe, suara mr. b mcm Y0vie n Nuno...heheheh...then i dgn penuh confident pon temberang la ape2 yang patut...after i finished my speak abou my self..suddenly mr. a ask me like dis..

mr. a : well quite good, but is dis ur 1st time intebiu?? n .. u look nervous..

ME: this is my 1 st time...may sound a little bit tremble..sorry sir..

mr. a : not feel like dat...v r not human eater...

ME: i try sir...sorry sir..

Aduyaiiii..lagi mau tanya ke??memang la mak nervous nyah!!.. muka i time tu i bajet mmg blur+sengal2 n suare pon cam katak je.. imagine dat..there r 3 people dat u dunno them much..what their thinking of u? da 1st impression of u...n bla..blaa..bla...n of coz la the environment...sangat2 corporate... aiyooooo..what i can describe of 3 mr is..

Mr. a: too much asking nvery formal n then he is good interviewer..( takut la macamni..)

Mr. b: Quite old, very nice, gentleman n always asking bout sumthing u tak akan duga soalan tu boleh timbul dalam intebiu...i`ll bet he like to ask spontaneous..( amat takot la macamni..)

Mr c.: He looks sleepy..may b da penat kot...tak banyak cakap..but beware wif this guy becoz he looking my body languange n eye contact n how i interpret all the answers ( waa...sangat-sangat takut la dgn org macam ni)

the questionzzzzzzz...

It is ordinary Quest...u can search by urself thru intenet, mags or books..but the important quest is the spontaneous Quest la...V dunno what they will ask...i guess, may be they want to noe our level of gabra n panic n how v settledown according to our answer la..

Well, dat intebiu ended bout 6.04 pm..fuhhh..lega..( hehehe.. i tau cos i set masa masuk)...i went home wif a liitle perasaan hampa..its not working..becos it not really happen as i want..n u know what?in fact, they all langsung tak nak tanye pengetahuan i fasal kompeni derang..huh!! penat hafal...

dats all bout my 1st intebiu....may luck wif me..i really wanna be part of dat company...huhuhu..

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