Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear hurly-burly-promulgate,

Initially, just want to say HI to you dear blog..and I was thingking to share my feel nowadays.. since u always been there..either I am happy..or sad..or wacko or whatever I feel..maturity level is still running up..but.. with lot disaster came into life.. without realize..

my assgmnt proposal has been rejected..

my IT assmnt is not complete yet..

my Conflict assmnt still blurring..

my streamyx cannot function at all

my loan refund still under progress..

my housemates went out just like that..

my best buddy felt that i am too much..

my relatives..bring big problem to me..

my mom health... i am so worried about her..

phisically...mentally...something wrong with me..

life suck nowadays huh?

Monday, July 27, 2009

nak jumpe dukun ibu duwet..

Where the Mr. money goes????

I miss them a lot....

What goes around comes around...

Model 1: Abg Donald Trump duck sedang memegang Card Reader berharga Rm 15.00

Model 2: Abang Mickey Mouse sedang gembira dengan Buffalo Hard disk 500 gig yang berharga RM360

Buku IS Ini adalah Rm 64 ye..

PM ni pulak berharga RM 47

HRM pula adalah RM 67

The bibles for this dramaturgical semester.... 1 buku OB Colquitt yang berharga tak tahu lagi tak dapat di changloon lagi wajib di beli!

Syokkkk bershopping.....tee hee...



That is my individual task for my OB..
While now..there is conflict between..
the yUUMmmmy..
With this creature......erk.....hamba Allah juga la

Become this
The dynamic..beautiful..unique ball...



Friday, July 24, 2009

real dinasour life

hahaha...preious a dream of a LIE to the real....Now I rent a house at Changloon, Ulu Sintok..not california ,United States..yeah..with 5 from a policemen who not retired!..tee..hee..and the worst part is..the house look ugly n worse in greeny grinch...

So this is our home sweet home..eventhough it is no longer modern bungalow that near to Sierra Nevada Mountain..but very near too C-Mart yang menjadi kegilaaan warga uum..

Innitially, our room..
not bad huh?..actually got 3 room..but the othe one..when the picture taken...bilik itew belom di touch up cannot be display la..hahah..

next is ..our main hall and the utilties

hahahaha...the hall with sofa..the wardrobe...and the TeeVee....hahaha.. and perkara yang tak bley blah is the toilets hahaha..jamban least...lebih selesa dr duduk hostel..okeh....
ada shower okeh..tapi original shower la....tak la hot/cold shower...hahaa..this toiletries...six people things..mcm nilah.....(",)

and lastly our kitchen
The sinks.....hehehe..with no gold fish lah!our dining no mohagany or oak..huhuhu pity!

The kitchen appliances with many brand..time ne Sarah da break dengan Lee dOng Wok..
This is not our sweedish maid or main in manhattan...eventhough macam maid in indonesian..but she is my Ishikawa ...hahahaha...larikss

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My life with entitle"wahlauweh"

This is my new world with my 5 beautiful women who is Wani Potter, Fad Cullen, Nad Bloom, Sarah Lee, Pura Pitt and me, my self Atiqah Harnett california, USA...of cause..The most popular state in Unted States...bordered by Oregon to the North and Nevada to the east..Here, we used to rent a modern bungalow own by old couple retired policeman. Our place near to the Sierra Nevada mountain.. ('',).. What a cool place that we have huh? let me tell all of you bout our place..

So..the bungalow consist 10 rooms with 12 bath rooms and some of our bed rooms..

cool rite? I love the wardrobe...all my belonging there..all racks from mohagany+oak of course..

So...this is our two..down stars and up stairs..Quite simple..Oh yess! I like modern design...and of course in wall paper please!! i repeat..NO WALL PAPERS

Simple rite...but will be hot spot to relax with all my housemates! Next..let go to the kitchen..Actually we do have a maid..A sweedish maid..but, we differ to prepare our own foods because Sweedish can`t cook Malay Food Right??or not really tasty compare if we do for own sake...
This is the guests kitchen..
Dry Kitchen with oak.
the main kitchen..

next will be ur kitchen utility..dont be jealous baby...
thats a part of kitchen appliances...all Panasonic... and Daewoo..Y?? Because our Sarah Lee HEART Korean brand..May be because now she having affair with Lee Dong Wok...U noe the damn super gorgeous Korean Actor..again the dining table made from Mohagany :)..the most i like is the sink...we put our lovely gold fish..can`t u see..hahaha.....sweet.. and the last is my bath tub...just consider because i cannot take a pict other person bath tub...hahah

so...this is all story...about my life with gorgeous girls at california...states of peacefull..

hahahahhahaha...gila perasan......
next entry will reveal everything.............

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

weng-weng ala-ala lim kok weng at the Sg Weng plaza to catch the weng2 muvee

today.. my kepala is because i just get my new asgmnt..individual and grouping task...hahahahha...peningggggggg.. yang lama bahan takde..yang baru suda datang.. OMG...OMG....oh...kijamnya donia...

entry kedai kopi

Nowadays.. I just addicted with one of kopitiam at changloon lah..hahaha..disamping ada kopi yang masyukkkk.. this cafe got wi-fi..hahaha..itu bermakna..ada jodoh panjang ngan kakak kopitiam yang ala-ala cam raja farah..hahaha..poyossss

Monday, July 20, 2009

a class on Israk mikraj class..penuh keberkatan..ngeh3

I think that all name by Halim is nice person...especially when it came with salutation of professor...sweet..heheheh..eventhough with the newbies like me again. It is holiday in Kedah for Israk Mikraj..somehow got len tgk melepak ...punyela malas nak gi..but when i thinking again..because of my kebodohan of HR field... have to attend that class..then masa nak masuk kelas..terserempak dengan Prof ini..

me: Dr...

Dr. Halim: Yes.. oh u..the lovely girl in my do u know today got class?* ada diantara ayat ini adalah ditambah2 hehe

Me:I just surfing the learn care..but dr. Y today? its holiday u noe..everybody lay on today..* Ini adalah ayat yang ikhlas aku pada petang tadi

Dr. Halim: Sorry dear, we have to take a step further than the rest.. I just worried if we didn`t cover all when it come to the end semester...

Me: I see...( with muke yang sengal gile)

oh lupe nak ckp.. I was really gedikzz on that time..when talked to that mr. professor..I really lupe that I just not belong to COLGIS anymore...cos i used to cakap "super friendly" when my old days.. so may be that professor never been approach with that super friendly cakap like I air mukanya adalah amat pelik..hahaahaha that was so funny...

then turn to class..he called everybod name.. and when its come to my turn...

Dr: atiqah* reveal my name..teehee

Me: Me..

Dr: are the one... atiqah... Im sorry for disturbing your priceless holiday..sorry for your family...not having good time with you

Me: erk... its ok Dr... teehee..

Huh...walauwehhh...haukem...haukem.....malu i..huhuhu..malu i..

Then the class start as usual...but with extraordinary on me... dr. halim use to call me frequently..and always senyum2 kambing to me...mesti terkenangkan kegedikan semasa bercakap tadi..oh malu...huhuhuhu...tidak akan berlaku kegedikkan lagi..

On the same time...I used to sit between my Hr colleague..who had took degree in we hav case study as a homework..when compare our answer..she totally disagree with my answer.. so i just shut up..cos.. u noe..may be i was wrong because she had basic on HR.

and when it come with discussion.. i just presented my point..cuak gile la jugak sebab i dunno nothin.. by then Dr. Halim just accept my one than my HR colleague who has basic in HR...hehehhe....I loike.....amt memberangsangkan ...memberi motivasi untuk belajar lagi hahahahahahaha...sukeeeeee...

Anyway.. that all for today...muahahahahahah

Friday, July 17, 2009


very..very sleepy..huarghhhhh...

jiran ku yang sengal memekak 24 jam..sampai tak nyenyak..pening2 kalo tido pastu selalu terkejut2 tau tak...dah la ade anjeng dok menyalak sakan...tensen..tensen..tsk..tsk..mata dah jadi macam menatang ne dah...

sebelum aku bertukar jadi menatang neh..

ada tak sape2 nak sponsor aku menatang neh?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The day after tomorrow..

Cut and paste the mail that I got from Datin Anne Martopos

Barangsiapa meninggalkan solat Maghrib , dosanya seperti berzina dengan ibunya sendiri bagi yang lelaki dan berzina dengan bapanya sendiri bagi yang perempuan!

Meninggalkan solat Isya ' , maka Allah tidak redha ia hidup di bumi-Nya. Bermakna, setiap langkah kita tidak mendapat pelindunganNya di dunia ini.

Meninggalkan solat Subuh akan disiksa selama 60 tahun (waktu akhirat) di dalam neraka. Perlu kita ingat bahawa azab yang paling ringan adalah seperti mana azab yang dikenakan kepada bapa saudara Rasulullah saw yang mana apabila dipakaikan kasut dari neraka maka mendidihlah sampai ke otaknya.

Meninggalkan solat Zohor diibaratkan seperti meruntuhkan Ka ' abah

Satu kali meninggalkan solat Asar sama dosanya dengan membunuh 1000 orang Islam. Kat dunia ni bolehlah jadi sekutu Presiden Bush, tak payahlah kutuk dia lagi kat dunia ni...Kita dengan dia (Bush) sama saja.

Rasulullah saw ada menyebut, tinggalkan solat adalah Kafir yang nyata..

hehehehhee....just remind my on you..hehehe...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

expenditure terpunchet memanchet poket ku

Do we faced a serious global warming lately?


Because the earth became so warm and hot...


because of land corrosive...


because of we are too passionate about the source of forest in the world..


Because to produce the tree became a paper..


Because of th greedy human attitudes towards our mother nature..


Because of money..


They are tend to sell books sooooo expansive


Master book damnn so mahal...


Because my pocket no longer feed by abang PTPTN




I am death buy them..eventhough they are too sexy..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

bikiN kangen sama loe