Friday, July 24, 2009

real dinasour life

hahaha...preious a dream of a LIE to the real....Now I rent a house at Changloon, Ulu Sintok..not california ,United States..yeah..with 5 from a policemen who not retired!..tee..hee..and the worst part is..the house look ugly n worse in greeny grinch...

So this is our home sweet home..eventhough it is no longer modern bungalow that near to Sierra Nevada Mountain..but very near too C-Mart yang menjadi kegilaaan warga uum..

Innitially, our room..
not bad huh?..actually got 3 room..but the othe one..when the picture taken...bilik itew belom di touch up cannot be display la..hahah..

next is ..our main hall and the utilties

hahahaha...the hall with sofa..the wardrobe...and the TeeVee....hahaha.. and perkara yang tak bley blah is the toilets hahaha..jamban least...lebih selesa dr duduk hostel..okeh....
ada shower okeh..tapi original shower la....tak la hot/cold shower...hahaa..this toiletries...six people things..mcm nilah.....(",)

and lastly our kitchen
The sinks.....hehehe..with no gold fish lah!our dining no mohagany or oak..huhuhu pity!

The kitchen appliances with many brand..time ne Sarah da break dengan Lee dOng Wok..
This is not our sweedish maid or main in manhattan...eventhough macam maid in indonesian..but she is my Ishikawa ...hahahaha...larikss


n4dh!3r4 said...

oooo...indonesian maid eh..
tonite ur bumble Vee at outside oke!!!!

Anonymous said... havard version lo.cuma 1 ja ak nk comment, awat byk sgt berus bju kat tepi swimming pool ampa?hehe jatuh karang dlm kolah leh wat sampan la haha.maid i miss u...maid from penang!

Anonymous said...

ikhlas tp jauh... from-ms angkasu