Thursday, July 23, 2009

My life with entitle"wahlauweh"

This is my new world with my 5 beautiful women who is Wani Potter, Fad Cullen, Nad Bloom, Sarah Lee, Pura Pitt and me, my self Atiqah Harnett california, USA...of cause..The most popular state in Unted States...bordered by Oregon to the North and Nevada to the east..Here, we used to rent a modern bungalow own by old couple retired policeman. Our place near to the Sierra Nevada mountain.. ('',).. What a cool place that we have huh? let me tell all of you bout our place..

So..the bungalow consist 10 rooms with 12 bath rooms and some of our bed rooms..

cool rite? I love the wardrobe...all my belonging there..all racks from mohagany+oak of course..

So...this is our two..down stars and up stairs..Quite simple..Oh yess! I like modern design...and of course in wall paper please!! i repeat..NO WALL PAPERS

Simple rite...but will be hot spot to relax with all my housemates! Next..let go to the kitchen..Actually we do have a maid..A sweedish maid..but, we differ to prepare our own foods because Sweedish can`t cook Malay Food Right??or not really tasty compare if we do for own sake...
This is the guests kitchen..
Dry Kitchen with oak.
the main kitchen..

next will be ur kitchen utility..dont be jealous baby...
thats a part of kitchen appliances...all Panasonic... and Daewoo..Y?? Because our Sarah Lee HEART Korean brand..May be because now she having affair with Lee Dong Wok...U noe the damn super gorgeous Korean Actor..again the dining table made from Mohagany :)..the most i like is the sink...we put our lovely gold fish..can`t u see..hahaha.....sweet.. and the last is my bath tub...just consider because i cannot take a pict other person bath tub...hahah

so...this is all story...about my life with gorgeous girls at california...states of peacefull..

hahahahhahaha...gila perasan......
next entry will reveal everything.............

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