Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear hurly-burly-promulgate,

Initially, just want to say HI to you dear blog..and I was thingking to share my feel nowadays.. since u always been there..either I am happy..or sad..or wacko or whatever I feel..maturity level is still running up..but.. with lot disaster came into life.. without realize..

my assgmnt proposal has been rejected..

my IT assmnt is not complete yet..

my Conflict assmnt still blurring..

my streamyx cannot function at all

my loan refund still under progress..

my housemates went out just like that..

my best buddy felt that i am too much..

my relatives..bring big problem to me..

my mom health... i am so worried about her..

phisically...mentally...something wrong with me..

life suck nowadays huh?


Anonymous said... patient n doa byk2 bsbr k.tu dugaan time studi..nti byk lg nk jupe pblem..sbr ek..nk mintk prtolongn just drop a msg anytime k.i'll alwyz beside wif u laling..

") angkasu

n4dhi3r4 said...

erm sorry 4 u dear..
i dun mean to go out just like dat. u dunno so many conflict deeply in my heart. just wanna heal it. so i need to go. i hav to or it will become worse. -_-"

hurly-burly-promulgate said...

dear banana angkasu,

thanks for being my reader! I miss u..n tanx for the advices..its bring a lot to me!

dear n4dhi3r4,

For me, what was happen to teach me what is just a word. but contribute many meaning of it...hope u will happy on what u done dear!