Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good girl become bad!

This the finalist of beauty pageant of Harrod Stars...heheheh.. after all been withdrawn or be kick out..oh yeah..what so ever!The 1st candidate.. Pura Pitt.. she is sexier girl I ever met!..Grrr..Auuummm! then.. so skinny even kuat makan...yeah! I always tease her...and she remain shy2 cat..after all she is fun...Oh yes! always make me a nice tea...and also cook the rice..and also fried the eggs.. Ohh...I have been spoil with her..tee hee...T_T

the second candidate is my bed mate! Wonney Potter...she so damn gorgeous!!very sleepy all the time.. the best thing about her is.. very hardworking to clean the bath room..hehehe.while the others so do I.. Thanks God she`s here! make the bath room sparkling at all!

The last but not least is my Sarah Lee.. she hot my men..eagerly to get married..hahha by then..very good in making achovny fritters..I love to eat the fritters.. its finger linckin good..very good in account..even she been promote to be our houe of bursar!! well as u know.. I am the one who be Mr Pitt.. I also Mr Potter and of course being Mr Lee...hahahha...crazy little monkey!..but should I say.. the more less the more best!.. so chayok dear ladies! May ALLAH bless U ALL...muaaaaaaahh

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