Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is cerita lapuk..before ramadan...harap sudi membaca dan banyak2 kan housemates..balik kampong..they left me with pura pitt..we enjoy our day with interesting extravaganza is totally marvelous okeh..then..they went back with this kind of stuff..

So..haruslah test kan..we decided to cook n makan2..sedap ke tak sedap belakang kira..muahahaha…and that day..we have superb menu..

Breakfast..nasi lemak with telur rebus ala-ala hangit by wonney potter and sarah lee..

Lunch-..dazling biskut merry..creamear craker by hup seng..and coolest ribena+lemon with love by me..muahahhahh...


The dinner... it soooo000000 marvellous....

the only I can think is..

shall I bring my weight scale after this hari raya?

Well.. I do think so…plumpy hurly-burly-promulgate !

I hate to admit it..but It MUST to be confess!

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