Thursday, August 20, 2009

what drive u craze?

This is my sweetie-bombastic gadget..

Sponsored by mummy feri n daddy cool for my doctorate achievement!.. yess!! Please use my new salutation okeh..Dr. Hurly-burly-promulgate!! Well,since I begging them many years for Lamborghini..or may be beetle by waksegan..or may be Tiguan?? (T_T ) ngeh3..perasan loe! Boleh blah la anda ye..kuat perasan!

new fluFfy-FUNtastic –fAVOurita-FirsKy-fIRMness


sila ulang ayat yang di merahkan sebanyak 44x bagi meneruskan pembacaan ye..

Anyway..thank you for them …this is a biiiiiiiiig surprise … I love surprise..surprise3..

Yeah..front view..

Sexy bumper…exclusive at only..

Inside the not expect any kind of fancy2 or gegirl stuff..zaman kemerosotan ekonomi + minyak mahal=no accessories..muktamad!!

By then after a month..there r another suprises too …but I don’t like this kind of surprise…eventhough adalah masih baru.. I doesn’t mean to hurt him..these scratches…its hurt me too..sorry dear bumble vee…

It just co-incident…which is not deliberately to collide other car..tee hee..I just terkemek kan kereta seseorang dengan teruk…luckily..orang itew tidak marah..Time tu..huhuhu cuak gile..takut nak mampus..bukan I sorang housemates tu pon pucat lesi semua then..terkejut weh..bumblevee just like an outpatient but the other kereta macam kene masuk ICU je..please believe it.. my housemate can be my witness!..huhuu

So..please choose this kind of brand..with solid more more will never frazzle & broken easily… hahaha puas hati aku! Standard Ferrari kau..

p/s sila abaikan setting tarikh gambar itew..pura pitt nye camera ting tong!


n0n0n said...

viva xbest sgt la....but for gurls maybe it'll be ok bcoz it's a compact car...anyway it's still nice depend on the cuteness of the driver...muahahahahaha...apa aku merepek di pg jumaat ni..

n4dh!3r4 said... x best. kelisa is da best! wahahaha. gila kejam ko hentam keta sapa weh?

hurly-burly-promulgate said...

dear nonon,

muahahahah..act v got same is not my decision to choose this all bcos of my parent told me to do so..anyhow my first impression bout bumblevee is kecik la..tak cun la..gegar la..ape-apela..then after this "pelanggaran momentum" i believe that my parent decision totally betul..the most importanto is the quality..and as u already bumblevee is still look great because its depend on the cuteness of the driver... lu pikir lah sendirik!! hahahaha

dear n4dh!3r4,

hhhahaadakah jealous dgb ketampanan abg bumble bee? hahaha..aku mmg kejam..kereta siapa? bialah rahsia..

n0n0n said...

dah lama pikir dah.....wakakakakakakakakakaka