Thursday, July 9, 2009

maid in manhattan

The 3rd report..subsequent of my story about the class…The 3rd one called Human resources management@HRM..Thanks God! Luckily I met one of my former colleague who was the same degree with me…Wani and her twin Mimi..Wani and I definitely not really close.. by then, We actually discussing each other.. and may include that this new life is totally different than before.. was like an agony life..but, we felt that its ok to be sucks here than be dregs in another day..well u know what I mean ……perhaps..

So, the class was conduct by Prof Dr Abdul Halim Abdul Majid from Taiping Perak J home sweet home..totally not my Favvy Prof.. he is Prof Ahdul Halim Ahmad from Perlis… many Abdul Halim being a Prof la…next time if I have a son.. I may incline choose the name of Abdul Halim lah..since so many people become dazzling with this name..huhuhuhu what a merepek…

Can u believe this, within 36 years old, he is Assco. Prof. Dr…..amazing rite? he manage to do DBA majoring HRM.. with books..journals..bla..bla…all about academic matter….Super Brilliant lah…Orangnye muda…kecil je compare dengan I..I just more tinggi dan berat kot…absolutely tak macam prof.. even kalo I met him kat luar..never expected that he is a people.. if u kat tmpt2 mcmne..bewarelah..since u never know people until u get throughout it properly…hohohoho…berdasarkan pengalaman i

There are thirty-something…a few foreigner…but too many makcik2 n pakcik2 yang gigih nak study dan juga giler skemak juga..every class macam neh..probably the next class pon cenggitu ..tak bley lari…huhuhu…que-sera-sera…

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