Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After a month.. last Monday bring my vitality back.. at least I know what to do next.. better than lay down like a dullard ..may be in the same time, I can make serious efforts to peep any better chance to embark my stage of career..I hope!!

Yeah..the interview last Monday, it quite ok I guess..I got the job..But need to be a trainer for 5 week.. If I do well, the position is mine..if not..I will be kick out! Sadis bukan..sampai ati mereka itu..huhuhu..

So.. I am not really 100% happy la.. a lot of preparation needs to go..depend on my performance..So.. my status as jobseeker still to be hold until the best bid..

As a fresh, this is an opportunity for me to glut myself in the new world..How to deal with people.. improving my skills, leadership or what so ever .. Its all about survival the fittest..Nowadays, too many extraordinary people = brilliant+ good looking+ well personality +smart+ experienced + skilful ..huh!!Its killing me okeh!!! I big reality of life..its hard be “dewasa”. Do I have an alternative? may be ada mana2 anak raja ke..tan seri2 ke..datuk2 ke..pengiran2 ke yang nak taja budak study lagi or nak jadikan aku bini ke? You are extremely welcome!! Hahaha..

Anyway, a big acknowledgement to

My lovely..

Mak Ndakku..

my dearest sis n bro

Kak An

Abang Man,

Kak Wan,

Abang Zul,

Kak Seph,


All the cute Dotes

For all assist, surveillance, pleasant and all the precious moments.. Thanks a lot for everything n layan all my gedikness.. Only ALLAH can repay the reprisal all of the kindness..I love you all…NgeeEee…

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