Friday, January 9, 2009

melancholy..woe...lamentation.. for a while..

This morning, received sms from one of my friends..
"Coca cola, Huggies, River Island, Mc D,Clinique, Disney, Donna Karan, Starbucks, GAP, Garnier,Perrier, Kotex, Sanex, Jo Malone, Lancome,Libbys, Loreal, Marks&Spencer, Kleenex, Maybelline, Nestle, Vittel, Revlon and Wonderbra-That a list of brands found out to donate money to Israel Army. We need to stop Buying from them in order to cripple the Israel Economy. Its may seem like a small thing to do but its a start. Please pass on to show muslim unity"

So how? Tepuk dada tanya selera...(",)v

By looking world situation right now.. I am so worried..everywhere people buzy doing this crazy things..war..war..war..again and again..poor to the innocent peoples, aged peoples, womens n kids but what am I going to do..I just hoping that someday people will realize that peacefulness is better to every human being..Amin..

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