Thursday, January 29, 2009



at last the Niyang Rapik end last night !! Phewww...But still thinking that, the director should change the way Tok Dalik death.. the scene must be so horrible and more banditry..ermm..such as..the same scary scene of Nang Nak..baru ada umphhh!!hahahah. by the way, that drama better than Pontianak yang sangat sundal di malam hari kan??

So, tell me about the horrible things or what ever it is..can make you feel damn afraid of!!

for me........


such this

huhuhuhu...saya adalah penakot okeh...

ok..ok..I admit that I am super cowardice...

this sort of demon only make me feel 40%-50% scared only..

But the most scared thing is...That can`t bearable it anymore...

is the thing that mummy ferry brought yesterday and put it beside my room..

oh still wrapped..


That thing keep calling and teasing me,

"come hurly-burly-promulgate...come to me dear..I won`t hurt you..hahhaha"


The horrid thing! calling again!!

did you hear that??

May be I should shut down the lap top now!


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Tok Li said...

Is this hantu from America or England ?? ;-)