Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mr. moron oh moronnye dikau..

Since I was ten, people keep asking me this bullshit quest..

- Best tak jadi anak tunggal?

- Tak bosan ke lepak rumah sensorang?

- Anak manja memang mcm tu kan?( In case kalo derang tak puas hati )

Or any statement like this

- Anak mak sorangkan..buat ape pun tak pe la..

- Hurly-burly-promulgate, ko senang la..sume dapat..kiteorang lain la!

This quest n statement make me sick ok..Y?Because..

How can I Know it is better to be single child than having siblings..since I never have it once ?

How can I know if it is so bored to be alone at home since I`m used to it?

What wrong to be anak mak ? so..u all ne sume bukan anak mak korang ke? An adopted? Or..

Anything wrong if my parent provided my utility n my needs..so what? Jealous? Pooo00dah!!

Even my primary teacher, madame S did it too.. at Science Lab..we learned about photosynthesis..by doing experiment on bean sprouts.. there were two part of them..Container A and B. The bean sprouts are more in A, so that its became so skinny n weak.. the other B only few sprouts in there..so its became more plump and fresh..of course la kan..every one know that..and the most unforgettable statement that she said was..

“ See ..the B seem more better than A because it had enough source of life such water, light and manure. Just like hurly-burly-promulgate. She is the only child in her family..so that she got more convenient in her life n became plump too if we compare towards other..hehehe”

Then she laugh at me..so do all the class..huh! I have to say WTF..Okeh.. Do not compare my life with bean sprouts okeh?..and at that time.. Im not so plump okeh..kalo skang nak ckp tak pe la..dulu sangat slim tau tak?huhuhu..

May be you will say that I am too childish or too poyorounus, but believe me if you are in my shoes you will know. Its hard to be single child especially if you are female..well you know..a typical minded..our community..or most human being in the world would say that having son is better than daughter..they believe.. only son will able to contribute their length of heir..again..WTF! what sperm can do without ovum?? That why we should learn about sciences..dont make any fool statement that will show up your percentage of moron. I HATE people like this..Sadly, my parent sometimes have to face this typical-stupidity-minded peoples. .n my parent too cool..yeaahh

and one day..I met one of this type person, mr moron..my dad colleague..I dunno him much..he is policeman with 3 son..He is so annoyed and irritatate me much…here the conversation between my daddy cool n the mr. moron..

mr. Moron: eh.. anak hang sorang ja eh..pompuan pulak tu! Buat apa skrang? Da kawen?sebaya anak aku yang nombor dua tu kan..

Daddy cool: Haah, dia la sorang..baru habeh blajaq…blom kawen

Mr Moron: Sian hang no, sampai kesudah tak dapat yang jantan..orang..kalo jantan ne boleh la jadi penyambung kita..hahahahha

Daddy cool: Nak buat lagu mana..dapat dia pun jadi la..

Mr moron: hahahah..nasib hang la..hahahah

When I heard the conversation..became so pity with my daddy cool.. I wish to be a male if I could do it..what to do..on that moment..i feel its better for me to slap that old moron.then, my daddy cool keep asking the mr moron.

Daddy cool: Tu la, nasib anak aku betina, dengaq kata anak hang nombor tiga tu pun dok turut abang-abang dia mengulang belajaq kat sekolah tunas harapan kat tepeng tu?

Mr moron: ermm..

Kah3! That was good enough daddy cool.. did u know what the h*** of that sekolah tunas harapan, itu adalah sekolah budak jahat as the same as intitut pemulihan akhlak okeh..huh!!..tak sedar diri punya moron..anyway..i am happy to repeat that..mr moron is a policeman who has THREE SON..yeah..three SON..marvellous dad!

And I am so grateful to be a daughter of my mummy fery n daddy cool!



Umie said...

hai yang...akak baru terbaca entry yg nie...sgt menyentuh perasaan & betul2 luahan hati nie... tapi mmg betul pun ape yg awak taipkan tu... bak kata awak typical-stupidity-minded nie bukan je ngutuk org yg anak tunggal...yg adik beradik ramai (mcm akak) pun nak kutuk..

Cth: ko adik beradik bape orang???.. ADA 10 SIBLINGS... uish ramainya (sambil gelak2 sinis) - ayat tersirat kononnye parent terlalu produktif... WTF la kan!!!

hurly-burly-promulgate said...

sis umie,

hehehe..on that day, sy sgtlah emo ..anyway..org moron spt ini sgt lah byk di planet bumi..Jom mtk NASA anta deorang g marikh..betul2 menyampah kan?

Anonymous said...

huhuhuhu..nice for sharing this..btw, it doesn`t work...typical-minded..be strong hurly!!