Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yesterday, the most sluggish evening.. mummy fery and I watched a talk programme.. ala-ala Martha Stewart programme lah ne..this activity done with a container of Kepok Gote (Pronounce it carefully okeh..) That KepOk Ghote from Ganu really fantastic...yummy! thanks to my dear Uncle...ngeh3..nak lagi boleh??

So, it is funny evening I guess..

Story 1:

The Talk programme was handle by a singer( sekarang da tak berape laku..since she sang cik ponti song kot..peoplegot scared.) and the guest..try to guess the guest..he is a singer too.. a motivator..an entrepreneur...a Ph.D holder (as call as Dr. lah)...

hahaha..Yes! Yes! Yes! Its him..You guys brilliant!!..hahahah...anyway..people keep saying that his P.hD is fake..some said that he buy it..n make me wonder..it is true?..yeah..let me see how his performances in speech today..

So, Eton (miss emcee) play her part..asked Dol(the guest) the latest activity that he did..n he told her, now he buzy-dizzy with his next album...and the new song called Hujan..what is interesting is..he complaint that, Hujan song is his favourite song..sacrifised himself deal with fake rain from 8 a.m to 7 a.m just to do the video clips...huh! sape suruh? lantak kaula...ade sape2 yang kisah? and...

Eton: Wow...lama tu Dr Dol main dengan air hujan untuk Video Klip Hujan ne..Dr. Dol tak menghadapi apa-apa masalah kesihatan ke? hampir 24 jam tu..

Dr Dol: Alhamdulillah..masalah kesihatan tu takde rase nye..setakat ne saya memang tak menghadapi masalah kesihatan..Yelah sepanjang pengambaran video tu saya sihat..cuma menghadapi selsema sahaja..kiranya video itu berjayalah dengan komitmen saya..

What???what the h*ll he talking about..Hello bro...ko selsema tu..sakit la weh..oo..masalah kesihatan tu tak sama maksud dengan sakit ke? Now.. I curious bout his Ph.D..Stupid answer!!looser bagak..

Mummy Fery n I bantai gelak n of cos la v all tukar channel lain..hahaha

Story 2:

After hentam gelak kat The Stupid Dr.Dol..we continued our bites of kepok Gote..we watched REMAJA .Eventhough mummy Fery not so remaja..huhuhu..she rocks babe! just watched my favourite programme time muda-muda dolu... after all...the emcee advertised facebook of this programme...and..

me: fuiyooo...remaja ada facebook siot...da lame tak jadik remaja..tato pon gue..
mummy fery: Facebook tu hape? (Sian mummy Fery...facebook pon tato)
me: Ala....Facebook tu cam friendster lar...
mummy Fery: Friendster tu hape plak? (Sian lagi mummy Fery..Friendster pon tato)
me: Ala..Friendster tu cam Facebook la..
mummy Fery: Hoi!..hampeh nye budak! ape jenis jawapan la..jenis Dr. Dol...
me: oo..ek? er..

Suddenly...Kah..kah..kah..kah...what stupid answer..ngeh3..aku da rase nak senak perot da neh...sorry la mummy Fery buat you sentap..but, dunno how to describe la..heheheh..kah..kah..kah.. gelak lagi..hik..hik..ampun ye mummy fery!

erm....is that we called KARMA? what you give..you get it? ataupon..petang yang sangat sengal?

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