Tuesday, January 13, 2009

spinning world..

Now, let break the ice with the most hot issue in malaysia.. almost people talking about scandal between abby-norman-memey. May be i`m too late to talk it..by then, I prefer and keenly to wait until those three person express something about this haprak love affairs

This afternoon I watch Wanita Hari Ini (Eeeuuwww me? WHI? ..Hey..y not people change rite? Hahaha). I guess every Malaysian excited waiting for today episode : Hot Confession from Memey (who lately renowned as plunderer ). Looking her so confident answered every question although ambushed by press reporters, wrathful callers and everybody..make me think twice.. Formerly, I contend this young lady is bitch, mad and useless ..Today,I got positive perceptions of her… for me she so outstanding..she got strength rite… coz everybody now looking her as a trouble maker a.ka. B***h rite?ye lah..pandai buat pandai tanggung..

So, as my effeminacy hormone blast out..her action make me mad too.. How can she having affairs with another people husband..Like WHI caller said, with her pretty face and good package she can manage to get any of single and more good looking guys than Norman. What so attraction about this Norman? Does he so smart? Marvelous ? Do he? really ..hahaha..well,bukan sebelum ne pon die ade buat hal yang sama ke?.. for me as a young lady as her..better for search anyone who still bachelor ( should be better if get pure virgin-bachelor..we must! ). It is compulsory to her to think what Inspektor Aleza sentiment…cause and effect of every action that she made..be wise and more alive….Im getting emo now…huhuhu..by then, Poor Inspektor Aleza! Now, every step that done cannot be fix anymore! Demerit for you girl!

Please be fair… the most troublesome maker is Norman..remember? For the first time we can called it overlook..but having it in twice..that is not overlook..that we call overlustful with no brain..his wifey preggie sempat lagi bergatal-gatalan..so he is the most unwanted male in Malaysia..okeh..

Well , this real-dramatic story also have it own benevolence too… Its show that Malaysian sooo concern about everybody(Lucky her.. Abby is well-known as clean reputation actress- everybody care and love about hers). This issue can make people to be a unity to attack Memey..can we use the same method to handle Israel-palestine issue?

Secondy, it has already upgrade the level of entertainment scandal in Malaysia..I felt this scandal just like Jolie-Pitt-Aniston case..uuuuoohh..Malaywood seh..

Next..this is really good example to young lady out there..(include me) no flirt with old pervert! You have to pay all rubbish that you done!huhuhu..takotnyerrr…

Next.. All male out there..beware..nowadays women more strong and cannot easily for you to depress them..

Lastly, everybody do wrong…and not perfect too…so forgiveness the most necessary and the best medicine..

N for you Memey..

until you reach this age! LOL!

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