Sunday, December 21, 2008

Y.E.S.T.E.R.D.A.Y come and go..


I`m back!!CiBEC Cohort 8... never gonna forget for my entire life..hehehe..especially my D`s colleagues n my six siblings housemates...v r so close n now i`m already miss them so much..n of course my great facilitators, esp. Mdm Malini n Mr Ho Chee Eng...Both r really good n all my respect for them..

in the first week, life became so bored..its just like a foundation classes. The only one dat make me interested is Mr Ho Class..even sumtimes i felt sleepy :P actually, he really hav good personality..n so professional, especially when he wrote something at the board...( my D classmate will understand so...hahahaah).. n of course my Sweet Mdm M classes..hahahah..

For the half period of the programme..i felt so nervous..i realized that all participants were awesome in every aspect dat we all should do..huhuhu..until now i dont think dat i did well as they this time, My D`s Colleagues became more close..v eat together..hanging out..lepaking..n etc all far as my another group colleagues said that v became so "social" hahaha..n they also did`nt expect that im soooo easy going just i did dat time..hahahaha..LOL..anyway, dun asking me y? n what happened.. no comment about it then..i would like to say that, all D`s rocks!! LOL..

N day by in MMC became SYOKK eh? hahahaha...i started enjoying myself there..n got enthusiastic every day....(poyo dowl ayat neh!!)

n for this whole month,try to use an opportunity there to get along wif my "sweet coconut". By then, its never work..hahaha...i dunno y..may b v need more time to spent..err..if v could? do v?...hahahaha.. i dunno...

anyway...this is pic of D`s..feel free? so check it out.. i will post another story of my journey in CiBEC..actually, wanna add some vid, by then dunno...sorry still new comer..futhermore, i dun hav flv converter..n if somebody know..please gimme a favour, i really do appreciate it!!..tanx!!

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