Sunday, February 14, 2010

Someone with love

Some people may excitedly waiting for February, 14..they may enjoy themselves with their own way…may be in a romantic dine with their couple or spouse…may be a bouquet of roses..may be a dozen of chocolates.. may be a fancy ferari ..hohohoh…or may be just with a simple wishes in the telephone …its all defined as happiness for the youngster..or love may be…time to celebrate it..well for me its depend on many perceptions...

Let me profess my love with someone that I never been forget for the rest of my life…Albeit, the person had gone forever…my love, my memory, my remembrance for her is always there..

She always with me for the rest 22 years serve…to wait on me..for everything…the one who was anxious if I fall down..the one who feed me if I hungry…the one who share about life..the one who entertain me if I sad…the one who console me if I was tearful…the one who angry if I did wrong…and the one who love me more than herself…she just perfect for me..nothing word can describe my lost…no one know how I feel with this deprivation…

This is the third year she left me alone..on February 14…may her rest in peace…Al-Fatihah

I love you Tok

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