Sunday, February 21, 2010


thanx to dr Azua...she was so nice and being so linient to us, Dua`a and my only both yang tinggal..tak besh la Dua`a and I begging solve our prob..then she asked wether we proceed with same group or we rejoin another nak mencari group, both of us join wawa group which include fiza and two foreigner and three local bergabung menjadi 5..huhuhuhu..we combine for group task only but proceed to do initial chapter least..tak la beban sangat rasanya..chapter presentation dah takpelah..pheewwww.... Alhamdulillah...selesai satu beban...

anyway would like to thank wawa, fiza and mohamad..time kasih kerana menerima kami berdua seadanya..hehehehe..

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