Thursday, October 29, 2009

budak jakun datang mengadap..

Have u ever seen this type of goat?.

For whole my life, this is my first time to see this type of goat..okeh..mengaku..saya adalah jakun…I dun have any idea to classify it as a goat or be goat..for me, this goat really weird and were called Damara ..

All species Damara goat got freaky tail..see…maaf kakak Damara..fokus ekor sket..huhuhu..

Allahuakbar…Allah maha besar..the unique of God creature.. I dun really understand the function of the tail but I bet, there must be special function for this creature…Allahhuakbar… Oh..I found this miracle creature at Mini MAHA exhibition, Changloon last week!

Jio and have a nice day fella!!

Trivia--> adakah ekor kambing damara ini sedap di buat sup?? Hihihi

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