Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big spender!! auufff

Yess bro.. i am a big spender type..saya mengaku..tapi spender yang di maksudkan bukan seperti gambarajah yang di cilok dr google..saya bermaksud lain.. bukan la seluar dalam..pakaian dalam...underwear..undergarment..panties dan sebagainya..sila ambil perhatian ini bukan entry lucah..

A few week ago..the Excel ambassador came to my place to promote magazine such TIME, FORTUNE, THE ECONOMIST , National geographic & READER DIGEST..what so interesting is..the is special educational rates plus free gift..yes!! with the FREE GIFT..I am the sort of person that so excited when hear about FREE GIFT things..even DARLEY toothpaste offer free gift mangkuk n mug pon..I teruja okehh…Inikan pulak bende2 mcm ni..lagi lah kan..

I spend around 377 hengget Malaysia to subscribe two magazine..fortune and time..for one year subscription ..Why Fortune and Time??y not The Economist?? Mmm..i am not into that field..National geographic and reader digest??.. I can READ FOR FREE because my Pak Cik and Kak Cuya already subscribe, be smart la kan..beli la beza-beza..kalo nak baca yg lain..pi la menempek kat umah mereka itu..ngeee~

Before this, newsstand price per copy of Time is RM 9 but with this promotion I only need to pay RM 4.30 per copy. And newsstand price per copy of Fortune is RM 19.90 and for the promotion, it just RM 9.20 per copy… Anyhow..this rate for student only..tidak kiralah anda itu student kertu atau tidak..just indicate ur ID card..the price all yours..since it is so cheap and reasonable.. ..Wahlauweh…its worthwhile la kan…harus di beli..oh sungguh excited!!

Well.. since I have Mycard only and no American Express …no Gold Platinum card..or even Visa..I pay it cash..di ulangi……it cash..muahahaha ….ceh! mati kene kutuk ( kalo tak bley cash..cane nak bayar..aku tade dato2 nak sponsor kad keydit weh!!)

Plus.. you will get free gift..cite lagi fasal free gift ne..mmg besh bende free….you need to choose two free gift from six gift that been offered.. an encyclopedia entitle Life strange but True and The 8th habit by Stephen Covey had been chosen by Hurly-burly-promulgate(oh.. ye sangat gediks)

I guess it will bring a a loooot of benefit to me, InsyaAllah..because I have invested all my angpau raya..Sudah pokai..this month..No fast shopping…but say yes to Maggi Kari berapi tambah telur!! Sluuuuuuurp…mmm..sob..sob…sob..

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