Saturday, May 23, 2009

pasukan bangunan..hekkk?

The week was really full of excitement and beat throb for me as plump girl.. the day start with indoor activities and outdoor games..The indoor was so an so then the outdoor was tremendous..

Furthermore, really enjoyed it when my roommate and I were in the same battalion..hehhehe battalion ye? Actually its just small group with 13 members..there are 15 games for Outdoor part..

The best part is Archery because I do well on that.. and the worst part is 12 feet wall..I just collapse a.k.a fall down gedebob tebabo from a wall which is 12 feet high..i totally horrible kan? Silap ari bln bleh arwah..tak pun retak tulang bontot..oppss tulang belakang…Oh..I got no stamina at all..what a worse me..and too plump to climb over the 12 feet wall..oh malunya

Then, we have to generate a short film..the theme according to what we have learn in Gems or this Teambuilding.. on this stage.. I found an irritating..annoying member..uh…find difficult to talk with that just DO MY WAY OR NO WAY situation..may be I not used with that kind of environment..

so I would said that my act on these day just like..a little bit averse or antagonize with that person.. At the end of the making film I realize one valuable thing which is in real world I may face this situation again…To met this person and collaborate with them..or may be other people think that I am annoying them much just like my thought towards this person..gulp... who know kan? So positive la I kan?? By then, in the end of the day I think that person quite ok on so..ok lah

After that… the Oscar night reached, the day that film that we produced been elected and…by then my film tak menang..hahahha..may be unsur tintong tidak berjaya menarik hati juri..sebab yang menang tu sume citer skema(suara ati orang yg tak menang).. hahahahah…by then,all films that produced by other 14 group make me enjoy so muchos..hhahh.

So the next day we have barbecue night..sangat la menarik..esp the foods.. huhuhuh…discard 1 kg of fat then at the next day, accumulate 10 Kg of fat..Ideal kan???hahahaha…. ada aku kesah? OMG..OMG…bila nak insaf..
Oh, download picture take time, may be next time..papai..

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