Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suara Hati ku berkata...

a confession..

i dont want to deny it anymore!!

Truly in love..hehehe..


Believe me or not.. :P

this is all about him...






again & again.......

Ok let talk about him....He is gorgeous man in earth... HOT...very-very good looking...very leng loi..perfect in tall, glance, walla..hehehe..Act, I know him tru my friends.. Formost, my friends always admirer him..For the first impression.. he just ok-ok day,First, we met at that time my friends told me that he tried flirt one girl who has long shining hair searching for a Rejoice shampoo.( that green bottle shampoo).and I told them that the guy probably is the pervert type..forget him..get lost!!

After two month later, we met again.. I always saw him on thursday nite lepaking-lepaking with his colleagues..I dunno what they were doing.. Not Interested.. After all my roomates always mention his name..again..n again.. Boringgggggg... and..

me: what so interesting bout that guy?

Peah: What?? can`t you see? coolest man in town..

me : heh?

Peah: Ustaz lagi....nowadays, he is sooo popular in Kampung Niyang Rapok..he is the one who always recovering and healing people from Tok Dalok Satan...

me: heh?

Peah: Up to you...whatever...

Huhuhuhu.. after I know he is pious think through him definitely change a lot..we been friend..very close..close close..n close



Oh yes.. after that we hav been couple until now..hehehhe.....

Sadly, few days ago.. he told me that his step mother Aunty Zulaikha.. always trying to flirt with him... Oh poor.. What should I do?? Pity me....ermm..

Here, I just wanna share with you all my sugar pie hunny bun..

terimalah dengan seadanya giteeewww

*Sila abaikan kaki seluar dia..baru balik dari membajak sawah


Peace ('',)v

*Semoga bahagia ever after..kekekeke

p/s: kepada yann, jgn sentap okeh..

1 comment:

polkadotyann said...

sentap tahap otomen gaban~!!
"ustaz rapok" ko 2 da lapok da..
aku da siap men mata lg ngan dia ms amek gmbr 2..
his is mine..
no comment..(gaya gf seorg artis)
nxt month kitorg nk tunang..
kelas gitu you..
jgn sentap~!!!