Tuesday, March 10, 2009


" da da doo-doo-mmm da da doo-doo-mmmmm .....Half Psychotic, Sick, hypnotic Got my blue print...........its symphonic Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic .........Got my blueprint electronic da da doo-doo-mmm .......da da doo-doo-mmmmm "

yEssSSSS... lAdY gAgA mode now! can u feel it Darls??



my dayyyyyyyyyyyy routine

-----> searching for new HOPE!

--------->being CUTE n ADORABLE parasite to my beloved Datin Anne..kekekeke

Well, dats is not my point for this entry.. I wanna share something with you guysssss..

Today.. I went to Bukit Bintang for an assessment..with my cute friend, AYU..well, i can defined that day as e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d d.a.y..Luckily, we manage it..not that much superb perfect..but ok-ok lah...after all bussines has been done.. we heading to monorail at Hang Tuah Station..n we met..


lady gagah ini lah..




we met...


we met....

A disabled guy..

blind young man, around 19-20 years old..alone..trying hard himself to go through the downstairs..what a pity lah kan..there is no one giving him a favour since everyone in hurry..we all plak the last passenger yg ada kat situ on that time..so..perlu lah menjadi concern citizen..at least..play basic human role kan.. So we help him okeh..after reach the monorail counter, then he asked..

him: Is this star? Im heading to Sentul Timur..will you help me go there?

me+ayu: nope! its monorail dear..( *dear itu adalah tipu nyedap2kan ayat je..okeh)

him: ok..would you please..

me+ayu: ok dear..

Just fine to give him that kind of favour.. then at when we at the ticket counter..Ayu suggest to accompany him till the Sentul Timur..huhuhu..Ting!...well.. that is last station ok. n I am still not used to that area...n I am so restless,without battery, no energy, hungry... besides we heading to ampang n sri petaling kan..er.. can we just..heee...

Well..after think a few minutes..I do feel pity for him la..if I in his shoes...err...so agreed to accompany ayu n that young man..oh his name is Saiful...until his reach that station...

Ayu..so sweet of her la kan..Luckily, I am with her..kalo tak..mesti hantar smpi star hang tuah je..Yes..admit..on that part..lots of lack there.. I am not really that good enough.. for example..I am not easily giving donation to people yang duduk2 saja tepi jalan or budak2 yang datang ngemis kat meja2 makan kat warung2 tu eventhough mcm kesian je..napi ntah..rasa cam helah je..sindiket perguna budak ke..not easy give them unless they put some initiatives or effort to do something..such jual tisu...play music or even sing a song..That kind people I will donate la..tak la banyak..sekadar yang termampu..

So..moh le kita bersyukur dengan apa yang dikurniakan olehNya..Alhamdulillah..all my sence still working right now.. Alhamdulillah...

Anyway.. at least, bila hantar that Saiful.. I fell ok la..not that bad..huhuhuh..rasa teruk gak kalo fikir ape nak jadik ngan budak tu kalo we all tak cuba tolong dia..bukan la rasa dia tak boleh survive..cuma tak la rasa ralat..nyesal or whatever kan bila dah balik umah...orait.. I will improve my self to be more concern towards disabled people ok..n more pic to share..oh..Im just mamarazi on that day..

That cute girl is AYU.. and that boy is SAIFUL
Sekali pandang mcm couple kan? hehehe * ampun ye ayu

Maka, entry ini pon tamat...sekian terima kasih

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