Wednesday, December 9, 2009

repent of the day

After repent from berpoya2 with the juniors..Its time to be good.. As I told you before, my HR coursemate, Dayah and I attend talk about good design research by a Japanese Professor. His name was Keisei Tanahashi and he was totally Kawaii..with the bellbottom dark blue suit.. and of course with the lion king hair style..just like the previous Japan Prime Minister..Mr. Junichiro ..oh, sorry if I had mistaken pronounce the PM name..but the style…I am talking about their style..never change..very cool huh?.

For this conference we need to pay RM 30..For me, it is worth la.. to be in the same roof of outstanding people..because of overall the participant were Phd student and of course a little of master student yang busybody like us la.. with this talk, I can see how much this people appreciate the knowledge, their interest of new research, and the way their discussing each of topics to be far terasa diri ini kerdil kalau nak dibandingkan dengan yang lain.

Well back to the Japanese Prof. he tend to talk more about globalization than how to design a good research. He did explain and declarative all of the point but in the basic mode. Furthermore, I guess there are a communication prob, may be because I don’t really understand his word..You Know Japan English..sometimes I lost of understood because his weirdo pronunciation..May it just me yang sengal2 kot.. because I tengok yang lain macam 100% full of attention..concern sangat ke uolls?? Hik3..
Overall ok la..not bad at all..for the next time I shall be more active in joining this type of conference..So here the pict…
Cik puan hidayah....

ini free gift la konon...padahal bayar 30 hengget ne..

ok papai

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