Saturday, April 4, 2009

The other side of G-day

True story, adapt from my experience..its all about My favvy Professor..I know him since I am in 4th semester at ethical classes. First impression…he is totally not friendly as my usual lecturer..very different..cold..weird ..he was transferred from another University and on that time I don’t think I will survive for this subject..

Oh yess.. the learning method also different.. All student can`t see him for discussing anything even once..we just allowed to deal with him through internet only..with Learning care..a student system..For me..its a burden to us for not seeing him for face to face, besides,I guess every lecturer seems eager and excited if student wanna see n meet them..but what to do..just follow his rules..

One day, he asked the whole class with one analytical question..everybody tried to answer..until a week nobody know.. then he had offered us..people who survive this quest before end of that month, will get full carry mark for the subject..40 marks…sape tak nak I tried my best to fulfill the quest.. asked my daddy cool n mummy feri..searched at the internet..books..mags..and finally I know the answer..and was given the full marks for the question…

Wallahwehhhhh..bangga la sayakan.. but I am not the one..ada sorang senior dapat juga both of us..flying colours la..carry mark je la..on that time..of course la I think that he is not so bad..and on I got A for that subject…Relief..but unexpected la..

After that..I never see him until..until practicum..he is my mentor..huhuhu..well..u know la is everything for practicum..huhuhu..when all my colleagues kecoh2 discussing about report with their own mentor.. my friends and I yang dapat prof ne rilex je..tapi we are totally tense..mana taknye..everybody keep beezee themselves planning report..dealing with proposal bla..bla..and we?

NO PHONE CALL..NO SMS….NO FACE-TO-FACE DISCUSSING!!..but..all of us been introduced with BLOG..he organized a blog for us (sorry I cant reveal the blog)..anything enquiries..proposal…anything you want..just refer to the blog..he will answer everything through the blog..Cool It isn`t?

Because of my experienced before, I didn`t really shocked la .already used to ..the system are then a little frustrated la because I rather glad if my mentor boleh selalu-selalu jumpe untuk bincang tentang report..but.. I can handle it..and I got A :)

..oh yes..because of him la I do this blog..hehehe..menulis blog la pulak…and I do really think that..he is coolest lecturer I ever had..innovative rite? Be different..and what can I conclude is..being mentee of him, we are free to do creative..and think out of the box…and I never met him..which I wish to meet him so..

Since I never met him n he never met me..hehehe.. I hope I will met him at my G-day..After all.. When in the hall..I adalah juga peeping2 him..kalau-kalau ada my favvy professor ..and may be sebab saya adalah rabun and what so ever.. saya dan juga rakan tidak mengecam beliau sehinggalah G-day itu habis..

dan saya telah meng-sms beliau pada esoknye..Oh ye, after my practicum end.. we are allowed to SMS him.. and the practicum blog still blogpracticum alumni..huhuhu..cute kan??kiteorang adalah alumni blog itu..huhuhu…

Me: Assalamualaikum..Prof where have you been? I thought to met you there yesterday..

Favvy Prof: Waalaikumsalam.. Yes? Are you sure..Actually, I` m sit was on the same lane with VC number 5..

Me: erk…hehehe…opss sorry prof.. may be..may be I was panicked on that know la sir..that why la I am not realize you were there..

Favvy Prof:
Hurm..may be..seem all my mantee were sombong except for syafa..only her..smiling on me..

Gulp!!!..huhuhu…saya adalah the way…did you know, which one is me?

Favvy Prof:
Memang sume Nampak gabra…saya kenal semua alumni practicum saya..awak-awak semua je yang tak tegur saya..

Me: erkk…

Pergh..kantoikan?konon-konon nak tricky tapi last-last terkena..seem everybody tak perasan my Favvy Prof ada ari tu..adakah sebab tak pernah jumpa? Dan saya tak sedar itu adalah my Favvy prof??..even my blogpracticum mates pun tak perasan..

actually..all of the dean macam lebeh kurang je…futhurmore,jubah pun course la tak perasan..Tak pon..sume orang adalah gabra n gelabah time naik pentas tu..maknenya takde la saya sorang yang tatot.. my expectation..he do comment on our blog..saying that all his mantee sombong and look so tense while receiving the scroll..hehehe..saya adalah malu dan sangat menyesal sebab tak pandang kiri kanan time tu…walaupun sebenarnya.. I am so eager to meet him..saya amat menyesal..kalaulah masa boleh di undur…hohoho…dan sehingga habis belajar..kami semua tak pernah jumpa my Favvy prof itu..

Apa-apa pun..saya mintak maaf..and terima kasih to my Favvy prof..and to all my lecturers and teachers n my parent n everyone..Thank you..Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas budi kalian sume..

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