Saturday, February 21, 2009

udah keroje ko yong??


I am back after so looooooooooong update you fella guys..

After almost 2 weeks being a trainer..I felt so exhausted..eventhough my office hour is 9 am-6pm but i it has to be 7.30 or you be late...n reach your home at 7.30 pm... may be im not used to be it...sob..sob..sob..

student life is the best time ever I understand y all my senior said can mama fery n daddy cool did it? it almost 50 year! they did work-a-holic!...they too cool..

well, the offer still going..any Dato` or Tan Sri wanna flirt wif me?? hehehe... eeeeuuwwww.. hak2 ptui!!

so this is my new environment..ececeh..




ye..i am still under training.. kerja saya tentang ini..Astronault kah? nak no phone syeikh Mudzaffar tak? nak add Dr faiz??
Definitely no ! totally wrong

It almost there..but connection..but the real is..its all about sattelite

Now I am part of this family kot....hehehehe..anyway Alhamdulillah..

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